It’s National Bagel Day… So Who Really Has Better Bagels, NYC or LA?

Sunday, January 15th is National Bagel Day, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a topic juicier than your bacon, egg and cheese: who really has the best bagels, New York City or Los Angeles? 

To add (friendly) fuel to the fire, we compared two heavyweights from each coast, New York’s Utopia Bagels and Los Angeles’s Yeastie Boys. 

Here’s everything you need to know about both bagel shops! 

Utopia Bagels

Utopia Bagels has been around since the early 80s, eventually earning its title as the best bagel in NYC in 2017. According to the owners, the process of individually hand-rolling bagels and kettle boiling them is what continues to give the bagels their distinctive taste, generation after generation.  

Since its inception, the local bagel spot has kept up with the times by adding plant-based items to their menu, as well as other breakfast options like waffles, pancakes, and french toast. 

With that being said, more than 40 years later, the reason most New Yorkers still drool over the thought of Utopia is because of their specialty sandwiches: ‘The Cheech,’ ‘The Double Double,’ ‘Healthy Wrap,’ ‘Tio’s Breakfast Burrito,’ and ‘The Worth It.’ Each of these options brings something different, yet equally delicious, to the table.

Don’t believe us? 

After so much success in their brick-and-mortar, Utopia eventually opened a bagel truck and joined the New York Food Truck Association to dive deeper into street sales and the world of food truck catering. 

Over the years, we’ve loved working with Utopia to deliver some of the best breakfast catering experiences in New York City. 

Yeastie Boys

Yeastie Boys is such a staple in Los Angeles that the restaurant even sells its own merch; from hats to T-shirts, Yeastie Boys bagel lovers can sport the bagel shop wherever they go.

Beginning with traditional options to more extravagant breakfast bagels, Yeastie Boys satisfies any and all of your wildest bagel cravings; in fact, they even offer a peanut butter and jelly bagel for a bit of nostalgia with your breakfast.  

Other reasons to fall in love are the Reubenstein, an inside-out bagel sandwich with pastrami, Swiss, sawuerkrat, and Russian dressing, and a bagel called the “Game Over,” made wtih scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, and jalapeño cream cheese.

Like Utopia, Yeastie Boys eventually expanded by opening a food truck that so many Californians have grown to love. Since the first food truck in 2017, the business has expanded its fleet to include 6 different food trucks! 

This means that whenever, and wherever, you’re in the mood for a delicious Yeastie Boys bagel, one of their trucks is never too far. 

There's Only One Way To Find Out For Sure

For as much as we can share about these two iconic bagel shops, the only way you can know if they live up to the hype is by trying for yourself! 

Although these two spots are fan favorites, National Bagel Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite bagel, whether that be cream cheese and lox, cinnamon raison, or a greasy sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. 

Plus, there are so many restaurants offering free bagels on Sunday, so stay tuned!