Popcorn Trucks in New York

Archeologists found popcorn in 1,000 year old Peruvian tombs and Americans have been devouring it since the late 19th century. Thanks to the Popcorn Food Trucks of New York, salted and buttered is not even close to the only option for popcorn lovers. Caramel, chocolate, and jalapeño flavors are just some of the options that Popcorn Food Trucks can bring to your door. Mix it up with a batch of different seasonings and guarantee that your next party is popping.

Popcorn Truck Featured Dishes

If you had to pick just one thing to try it would be tough, but thankfully you don’t. For your next popcorn craving, consider the following.

  • Salty sweet candy mix popcorn (with M&Ms)
  • Hot roasted jalapeño popcorn
  • Sour cream and chive popcorn
  • Classic caramel popcorn


You know the popcorn is good if it has been served at two Super Bowls, the Indy500 and Bonnaroo. 1-800-POPCORN.COM has been popping gourmet popcorn since 1998, and their Popcorn Food Truck brings all the options to you. The plain salted is the gold standard but it is the unique combinations that keep people coming back to try something new. Eat M&Ms with your movie popcorn? The Salty Sweet Candy Mix is made for you. Want something spicier? The Hot Cheese Mix with roasted jalapeño, or the Hot for Your Mix with jalapeño and kettle corn will light your fire. This Popcorn Food Truck covers all the sweet, spicy, and salty bases.

Take a bite out of this: The New York Mix

This new classic starts with creamy caramel popcorn and then adds cheesy white cheddar. It is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The Chicago Mix, by the way, is caramel and original cheddar if you are feeling a Windy City vibe.

NY Popcorn

NY Popcorn is an online retailer of gourmet popcorn with 20 years in the game, but it is best known for the Popcorn Food Trucks which bring the snacks to you. Fresh ingredients and primo popcorn kernels keep customers – who often comment on the staff’s enthusiasm – coming back to this Popcorn Food Truck. For the sweet tooth, there is caramel popcorn, kettle corn, and chocolate popcorn. Not sweet enough? Go for the Sweet Tooth Mix. On the savory side, choices include white-cheddar, garlic parmesan and pickle dill. there’s plenty of options to choose from. Book NY Popcorn for your next event so your guests can enjoy a fun, tasty treat to munch on.

Take a bit out of this: Jalapeño Ranch

The Jalapeño has the spice you want with the tangy, sweet ranch as the perfect complement. Sure, you can go for the just the Jalapeño popcorn, or get a bag of ranch. But take our word for it, the duo packs a powerfully delicious punch.

The Corn is King – Get a Popcorn Food Truck & Ensure Your Next Event is in The Bag 

It is easy to give guests a lot of options at a popcorn party. The smorgasbord allows them to sample and snack, and there are sure to be a few welcome sweet or savory surprises. Popcorn Food Trucks offer something that you know people already like, but in a novel way that makes them experience it anew. Let the corn take its rightful place as king at your next get together.