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Small on carbon. Big on taste. New to the food truck scene, Ramblin Coffee is a mobile coffee shop that offers locally roasted, sustainably farmed coffee and tea from an eco-diesel food truck. Between their creamy flat whites and low acid, long steep cold brew, Ramblin knows what they’re doing when it comes to preparing quality coffee. Don’t sleep on their chai tea lattes and hot cocoas either. These delicious drinks are hard to come by. Great for weddings, corporate conferences, school functions and more, Ramblin Coffee’s mobile coffee shop is ready to serve you and your guests with the perfect pick-me-up.

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Bryan Lantier was born and raised in White Plains, NY, and moved to California a couple of times. Most recently, he returned home on a mission to provide people with a new way of getting the same quality coffee you would find at a traditional coffee shop, but with the convenience of bringing it right to you. Since launching his coffee shop food truck in 2020, Bryan has been rolling around his hometown catering private events with fresh, delicious coffee drinks that you can’t get just anywhere.


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