The Pros and Cons of Booking a Birthday Food Truck

Whether you’re turning five or 50, a birthday food truck is a unique way to celebrate your big day. Food trucks add instant excitement and pique hungry appetites with mouthwatering menus. Plus, food trucks add Instagram-worthy decor. Whether Airstream trailers for a retro look or a cute tuk-tuk when space is limited. But is booking a birthday food truck right for you? Sure, it’s a fun idea, but the logistics can be tricky. So let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons and what they offer. Oh, and we’ll reveal some insider tips so you can— literally and figuratively— have your cake and eat it too!

Blanc By Abeetz Mobile Tap Truck

The Pros of Booking a Birthday Food Truck

In 2021, more and more people are booking food trucks to hosts their parties— both large and small. Today’s food truck caterers serve high-quality eats and treats at a reasonable price. And that’s given them the advantage over conventional caterers. Here are a few more reasons they’re perfect for your upcoming birthday party:

  • Birthday food trucks are stress relievers. Sure, it’s rewarding to serve home-cooked dishes, but it’s also time-consuming and expensive to purchase, prepare, cook, and serve all that food. Besides, wouldn’t you rather focus on elements like music and decorations instead of spending all your time cooped up in the kitchen?
  • Your cuisine options are endless. Catering to the tastes and cravings of your guests is no easy feat, but you want to make everyone happy. From trucks offering a self-serve taco bar to customizable personal pizzas, your menu is only limited by your imagination!
  • Fast set-up and fast clean-up. The pressure’s on the day of your birthday party, making sure all loose ends are tied up. And, what about cleaning up after everyone leaves? A birthday food truck removes the hassle of setting up and cleaning up, leaving you more time to entertain your guests.

Need More Reasons? 

  • They look great! Food trucks are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. They’re a charming part of your party’s decor and come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your party’s theme, chances are there’s a food truck that’ll match its style. 
  • Food trucks fit any budget. The best part of your party might be when you see how much you saved by booking a birthday food truck versus a traditional catering company. While prices vary between where (and when) your party is, and what kind of food (and how much of it) you’re serving, the average range is between $10 and $35 per person.  

The Cons of Booking a Birthday Food Truck (and How To Solve Them)

There are so many reasons to move forward with booking a birthday food truck. However, as with anything, there are potential obstacles to consider. We’re going to dive deeper with simple solutions so you can throw the best birthday bash on the block!

  • The venue. If you’re hosting a party on someone else’s property— like a catering or banquet hall— determine whether they can accommodate space and parking for one or more food trucks. 
  • The season. Most people love throwing outdoor parties in the summer, but that means hot weather. Even if the food’s impeccable, your guests won’t be too thrilled baking in the hot sun. So consider booking your birthday food truck party in spring or early fall instead.
  • The weather. Regardless of the time of year, planning for inclement weather is a must. But even with a food truck outside, you can invest in a tent or have tables stationed in shaded areas. That way, your guests will be comfortable and have a respite from uncooperative weather. 

Anything Else?

  • The guest count. As we said previously, pricing for food trucks is set “per person.” And some can only accommodate a maximum number of people. If you want to book a food truck, but your budget is tight, you may need to trim down your guest list. Likewise, consider booking additional food trucks like a BBQ food truck for entrees and an ice cream truck for desserts.
  • To seat or not to seat? Think of a birthday food truck as a hip, modern take on buffet service. That means you’ll have to consider seating options, as you’ll most likely be responsible for deciding that. You can either set up formal tables so guests can enjoy a sit-down meal, or you can have a station for utensils and napkins, encouraging guests to walk around and mingle.
Abeetz Pizza Birthday Food Truck

Birthday Food Truck Cuisine Ideas 

If you’re ready to roll and throw a birthday food truck party, here are a few ideas that everyone will love!

  • Throw the coolest party by making Italian ices the star of the show. These frosty treats are a childhood throwback and a top choice for summertime gatherings.
  • Ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please! Great for kids of all ages— and another warm-weather favorite— these super sweet birthday food trucks are sure to have everyone scream for ice cream!
  • If savory dishes are more your speed and you want to be adventurous, try a Greek food truck. You can’t go wrong with charcoal-grilled souvlaki and spit-roasted gyros. And don’t forget those crispy, golden Greek fries loaded with feta cheese!
  • If you want a great meal but are health-conscious, there are plenty of healthy and organic options at your disposal. Try cuisines that offer fresh, colorful, and customizable creations that taste good and will leave you feeling even better.
  • Celebrate turning 21 (again) with a boozy birthday bash that has the bar coming right to your door. Alcohol trucks and carts are both popular and offer premium wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails. 
Carnival Donut Bar Dessert Food Truck

Celebrate in Style by Booking a Birthday Party Food Truck

The food truck craze is here to stay and it’s now hugely popular for private events. So make your birthday party special and take one (or more) out for a test drive. Just make sure your guests’ dietary and nutritional needs are taken care of and you communicate with your food truck vendor about costs, the menu, and how many people are attending. With professionals sweating the small stuff, you’re free to sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal as the host with the most!

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