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Wraps & Kebabs food truck is the first & only Halal Authentic Egyptian food truck in NYC. Representing history, food culture, quality, and deliciousness, Wraps & Kebabs serves the tastiest variety of Egyptian & middle eastern dishes like lamb, flavorful chicken kebab, delicious beef kebab & the fan-favorite, spicy Egyptian sausage. Everything is made fresh daily, including the house salads, sides, and Tahini & garlic sauces that you can only find at Wraps & Kebabs. Their traditional Ta’amia (Egyptian fava bean-based Falafel), Baba Ghanouj, amazing mashed potatoes & eggplant Tajine are the best in the market by far. Don’t miss out & book this Egyptian food truck to cater your next private event.

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Nagy applied his 10 years of experience in food & beverage to open Wraps & Kebabs. He gained his long experience by starting his own food business in Cairo Egypt before moving to NYC and working for multiple restaurants & food catering companies in NYC. Nagy was born in Cairo Egypt & moved to NYC. He’s really excited to represent the Egyptian food culture and his passion for healthy & tasty food is the reason why he opened Wraps & Kebabs to be the first Halal Egyptian Food truck in NYC.