Spring Has Sprung: Food Truck Catering Your Outdoor Corporate Event

Food trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason— they offer unique and convenient dining experiences perfect for parties, especially large-scale, outdoor corporate events

With spring and summer in full swing, there’s likely an employee appreciation event or spring happy hour you’re getting ready for. This means you should be thinking about why other companies are opting out of traditional catering buffets and opting into more convenient and fun food truck catering experiences. 

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You don’t want to be the company that lags behind! In this blog, we’ll discuss why food trucks are the best catering option for your outdoor corporate event and give you tips for approaching and maneuvering the booking process!

Let’s get started. 


Variety of food options. 

Not everyone has the same taste. When it comes to sizable guest lists, food truck catering is the perfect fix. One guest may prefer burgers and hot dogs, the other may be more in the mood for sushi, but food truck catering provides enough variety that neither person is left hungry! This is especially important in a city like New York, where there are so many different cultural influences and culinary options. Guests can try new and interesting foods that they may have not had the chance to otherwise! 


  • They provide a quick and easy way to serve food. 

Unlike traditional catering, food trucks don’t require a lot of setup time, and they can start serving food right away. This means that your guests won’t have to wait long for their food, and they can get back to enjoying the party. To coordinate a smooth dining experience for a large, outdoor corporate event, the ability to produce high-quality food at high-volume is key. 

  • They can be set up in almost any location and moved if necessary. 

Food trucks are very flexible: they can be set up in almost any location and moved if necessary— plus, they inherently complement an outdoor space.

Interactive experience.

 Food trucks also provide an interactive dining experience that is perfect for outdoor events. Guests can mingle as they watch their food being prepared and even choose to customize their orders just to their liking. This adds an element of excitement to the event and makes it more memorable for attendees!

Cost effective.

Food truck catering is often more cost-effective than traditional catering because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or setup. This means that you can provide high-quality food for your guests without breaking the bank.


All in all, when planning an outdoor corporate party, food truck catering is a great option to consider. It offers a wide variety of food options, is flexible and convenient, provides an interactive dining experience, and is cost-effective. 

So, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable dining experience for your next corporate event, consider hiring a food truck!

Corporate event food truck caterer


Booking food trucks for outdoor corporate events is made easy through the New York Food Truck Association. Our collection of food trucks are the best in NYC, and you can find the simple guide to booking with us here

All you have to do is input a few event details, and we connect you with an event coordinator in no more than 24 hours to walk you through the whole booking process. 

In addition to our endless food truck options and one-on-one event planning,  when you book with NYFTA, you avoid the tedious and complex task of checking for permits and licenses. All of our food trucks are already vetted and ready to treat your guests with delicious eats. 

Van Leeuwen food truck catering a corporate event


The best way to enjoy the sunshine alongside your colleagues is through a dynamic food truck catering experience. Whether you are looking to treat your employees to a morning brew, a happy hour, or a full-blown catering experience, mobile catering is the best way to make your vision a reality. 

As the temperature warms up, this trendy, cost-effective catering option is perfect to impress your guests, so book with NYFTA to make booking a food truck simple and as seamless as possible! 

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