5 NYC Food Trucks To Keep You Warm This Winter

New York is the city that never sleeps— or hibernates. As temperatures drop and the winter season approaches, life just doesn’t seem to slow down, and life for food truck owners is no exception! 

You might expect the outdoor nature of a mobile business to pose a challenge during colder months, but year after year, we find that New York City food trucks and carts— from the quintessential hot dog stands and halal carts to more out-of-the-box options— keep their businesses alive, well, and even booming.

If you’re a street food lover, a party planner, or both, this should come as fantastic news. This means that your lunch breaks during January won’t suffer, and neither will the iconic parties you throw down. 

Keep reading to discover the 5 best NYC food trucks for winter and to find out how you can book these mobile businesses to cater your next holiday or winter party!

1. B Bistro

What better way to stay snug than by slurping up warm B Bistro pho? Just one bowl of this tasty beef broth, noodles, meatballs, and veggies can leave any chilly New Yorker feeling bundled up. 

But that’s not all B Bistro has to offer. The New York food truck is also known for their delicious, traditional Vietnamese sandwiches: beef, chicken, pork, or vegan banh mi, and other specialty rice entrees that are absolutely to die for. 

Book B Bistro for your winter party to bring comforting Vietnamese street food to center stage.

B Bistro pho.
B Bistro rice plate.
B Bistro pho.

2. Caffè Arrone

Nothing complements a New York City winter better than a warm cup of coffee. Book Caffè Aronne’s espresso truck for your next holiday event to keep your party guests cozy and caffeinated! 

Not only is the coffee— from cappuccinos and lattes to espressos and americanos— absolutely delicious, but the vintage feel of the coffee truck (as well as its indoor capability) will elevate the entire holiday party aesthetic and inspire heartwarming photo-ops! 

When you choose Caffè Aronne, there’s no doubt that guests will appreciate the specially crafted, Italian-inspired coffee- pure, luscious, and creamy- that put the finishing touches on a true winter wonderland. 

Caffe Arrone coffee.
Caffe Arrone coffee truck.
Caffe Arrone coffee.

3. MozzArepas

The winter season is all about cheese and carbs, and lucky for you, so is MozzArepas! The MozzArepas truck is a New York take on Colombian arepas, and the warm, cheesy goodness that this truck is known for is best experienced first-hand during the cold NYC winter! 

Especially if you’re throwing a party with a diverse guest list or you’re working with an indoor venue, your best bet is booking a cosmopolitan caterer with indoor capability, and who better fit for the job than the MozzArepas food truck?

 Just one look at their arepas will leave your mouth watering! 

Mozzarepas nyc.
Mozzarepas NYC truck.
Mozzarepas nyc.

4. Pizza Vitale

They say good things come in small packages. Well, Pizza Vitale’s “little silver box” on wheels holds a wood-burning pizza oven from Italy that turns out the best authentic Neapolitan style pizza you’ll find in New York. Plus, pizza is never out of season.

From traditional styles like Margherita and mushroom to unique varieties including pesto and spicy pork Soppressata, Pizza Vitale’s heavenly pizza will have people talking long after the party’s over. Don’t miss out and book Pizza Vitale to cater your next private event! 

Pizza Vitale pie.
Pizza Vitale cart.

5. The Steak Truck

Juicy steak sandwiches are definitely one way of coping with the biting winter weather! Thankfully, The Steak Truck has mastered the art of the comfort food with their famous steak sandwich, using a hearty portion of special blend dry-aged steak and caramelized onions served on a fresh Bronx-baked baguette.

By booking this iconic New York food truck, you guarantee your guests the greasiest, juiciest party favor. 

Steak sandwich from Steak Truck NYC.
Steak Truck NYC.
Steak Truck steak sandwich.

Wrap Up

Booking mobile, local businesses for catering can help uplift your party guests even in the dreariest months of the yearand we have direct relationships with the best food trucks in the city so that you can do it. 

When it comes to food trucks in the winter, we hope we have guided you in the right direction! 

To learn more, visit our food truck catering page and get on the phone with our team! 

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