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NitroTaps is a premier draft coffee caterer leveraging the latest popular coffee trend, nitro infused coffee. Their team of coffee enthusiasts has tested and curated a variety of roasters to provide solutions for all coffee palettes. Offering hot nitro draft, cold brew, pastries and branding options ranging from design panels to cups and napkins, NitroTaps provides coffee lovers the caffeine kick and experience they desire. NitroTaps is the perfect coffee solution for any event that will ensure your guests are energized and ready to celebrate.

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NitroTaps was founded in New York by two coffee enthusiasts Yoray Halevy and David Goldstein. Their love for nitro coffee led them on a journey to better understand the growing java trend and how to create memorable coffee experiences. They built a custom mobile bar designed to fit in any ADA compliant doorway, making it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor venues. From unique nitro infusions like nitro espresso and hot nitro draft to trying roasters from all over the world, the two NitroTaps founders are always looking for new coffee experiences.