Three Times Food Trucks Created Immersive Brand Promotions

Experiential marketing can bolster lasting connections between a brand and its target audience. According to a recent Forbes study, 65% of consumers say live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better. 

While there are a variety of ways to engage and make an impact, food trucks drive real buzz. 

Brand promotions with food trucks are perfectly engineered to have customers actively engage with a brand’s identity and its core values.



Companies use immersive brand promotions for many reasons, one of which is to educate and inform. Because there’s no better way for consumers to interact directly with a product than by testing it hands-on. 

As consumers seek new ways to enjoy more convenient ways to checkout for their everyday purchases, contactless payments have become the new way to pay, thanks to its increased speed, safety, and cleanliness. When Mastercard set out to promote its Tap and Go™ contactless technology, its goal was to teach and show busy New Yorkers how much easier commuting can be with a simple tap of their contactless Mastercard.

With the help of a branded food truck and knowledgeable brand ambassadors, Mastercard set-up interactive stations at three busy subway stations in Manhattan and invited consumers to test the speed of Tap & Go™, while also treating them to cuisine provided by James Beard award-winning chef JJ Johnson.

Along with chef Johnson’s delicious and complimentary fare, participants also received free Metrocards just for stopping by and checking out the benefits of learning about Mastercard’s Tap and Go™.



The world’s premier event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals: Advertising Week NYC is a networking experience featuring a week of seminars, pop-ups, and workshops attended by hundreds of thousands each year. 

With the industry’s biggest brands and brightest minds in attendance, it’s a tall order to stand out and capture audience attention. For a handful of savvy companies, immersive brand promotions were the key to piquing interest and yielding high demand.

Parked right in front of New York’s Lincoln Square Theater, FOX’s branded Simpson’s truck served hot cups of coffee and the show’s iconic pink-glazed donuts on branded cups and napkins. Nearby, Valassis’ “Make a Scene Caffeine” mobile bar offered hot and cold Nitro brewed coffee, while Ampersand and PubMatic treated attendees to mouth-watering BBQ, tacos, and burritos. And, Quad had dessert covered with a branded ice cream truck featuring flavors like “KPI Pistachio” and “Insight and Analytics Strawberry Jam,” creatively showcasing some of the services they provide.



Immersive brand promotions are designed to turn passive consumers into active participants. Upon launching its Nite Jogger footwear line, Adidas wanted to pay homage to its retro roots and bring to life the spirit of those ‘who don’t stop when the sun goes down.’

By hitting the streets of Brooklyn and New York’s Lower East Side, Adidas’ branded truck celebrated Nite Jogger’s launch with a one-of-a-kind experience after dark with brand ambassadors serving complimentary coffee, donuts, and hosting giveaways for excited night owls. 

Adidas’ immersive brand promotion not only engaged with its target audience but also captured the product’s essence; that it’s ‘never too late’ to hit the ground running and pursue your passion.


Immersive brand promotions are experiences that don’t just communicate – they connect. Consumers want brands that speak to them and engage in a personal way. With food trucks targeting the senses, immersive brand promotions are the catalyst for striking B2C interactions that resonate even after an event’s over, helping to drive loyalty and increase sales.

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