7 Fun Corporate Event Ideas for NYC

When hosting a company outing for your coworkers, you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. That includes making sure your peers have fun! No one wants to attend a boring business outing, so get creative in finding fun corporate events in NYC. There are so many ways to have a unique corporate lunch, company Happy Hour, or private dinner, so consider adding a distinctive or special element to any venue you choose and consider these fun corporate events in NYC.

fun corporate events nyc

1. Host a private dinner on a 100-year-old sailboat.

The Pilot is a well-preserved time capsule of maritime history, a gorgeous 147-foot sailboat that now serves as a seasonal oyster bar and private event venue. Though the Pilot only allows reservations of up to 12 people, consider treating your managers to a highly deserved dinner with views of New York Harbor.

If you love the idea of having a private event on the water, but you’re looking for a way to accommodate your entire company, consider booking a vintage 1920s-style yacht or a classic schooner for a smooth-sailing ride across the river. Choose from Classic Harbor Line’s fleet of boats to really give your staff the kind of company outing they deserve for all of their loyalty and hard work.


2. Rent a food truck for guaranteed delicious catering.

Wherever you host your fun corporate events in NYC, renting a food truck will automatically elevate the experience. Impress the whole company with a delicious taco food truck for a corporate lunch or a coffee bar for an important conference. Or, for an evening Happy Hour or business dinner, add a fully customized mobile bar to your corporate event and it will be all your coworkers talk about after.

3. Book the Rainbow Room for the best views of Manhattan.

Celebrities, presidents, and dignitaries have enjoyed the views of Manhattan seen best from the Rainbow Room, and now you and your corporation can, too. Book a night at the Rainbow Room to really take your corporate events to the next level, and show your staff how much you value their hard work with a well-deserved, 5-star meal. Complete with several levels of event space, like Bar SixtyFive, The Gallery, and the Private Dining Room, the name of The Rainbow Room alone will get your coworkers excited for your company event.

4. Bury any work-related hatchets at axe throwing.

Axe throwing has quickly grown in popularity as a great focal point for fun corporate events in NYC. Not only does the act of literally burying the hatchet relieve work-related stress, but it can also help improve coworker relationships—and it’s a lot of fun! Have each department split up into teams and book an axe throwing tournament to really spice things up, and dole out highly coveted prizes to the winners (and the runner-ups) to ensure that everybody has a great time. There’s Live Axe in Manhattan or Kick Axe and Bury the Hatchet in Brooklyn.

live ax fun corporate events nyc

5. Play a round of poker at a private casino in Manhattan.

Big Deal is the only casino in Manhattan, and it’s all yours and your staff’s for the night when you rent out the tables for a private event. Hosting a game night is great for team-building and boosting company morale. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or a promotional event, or just taking a page out of Michael Scott’s surprisingly successful Casino Night, everybody loves a round of playful, but competitive gambling. Challenge your peers to a high-stakes hand of Black Jack, Poker, and other casino games for a night they’ll never forget.

fun corporate events nyc casino

6. Give a glimpse of the future and enter a world of virtual reality.

VR World is Midtown’s newest corporate event venue and it does not disappoint. Step into the future of entertainment with VR headsets that let your guests explore fantastical worlds beyond reality. Soar among the infinite cosmos or swim miles beneath the surface of the ocean—the adventure is up to you. Easily one of the most fun corporate events that NYC has to offer, VR World is a great way to entertain your coworkers with a unique outing they might not have ventured out to do on their own.

vr world fun corporate events nyc

7. Savor unparalleled views of the NYC skyline from the Hudson.

One of the city’s best-kept secret venues, Sunset Terrace off the western tip of Pier 61 is a stunning 3,400-square-foot waterside space that’s perfect for fun corporate events in NYC. Enjoy panoramic views of the Hudson and the New York City skyline when you book a cocktail reception—or, to show everyone a good time, dinner and dancing!—for your guests. Make sure to keep the bar open, but also have a few options available for your sober guests, and let the glittering skyline speak for itself.

sunset terrace fun corporate event ideas nyc
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