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Save room in your belly for Melt Bakery’s scrumptious ice cream cookie sandwiches with Melt Bakery’s Food Cart. Offering delicious flavors from classic chocolate chip to decadent options like “Lovelet” (red velvet melt cakes and cream cheese ice cream) and “Morticia” (crackly chocolate cookies and malted chocolate rum ice cream), Melt Bakery’s cookie sandwiches are sure to just melt in your mouth. Amplify your next birthday party or wedding reception with Melt Bakery’s Ice Cream Cart to get delicious ice cream catering because these cookie sandwiches are anything but basic. One bite and you’re hooked.

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Julian Plyter is an experienced Pastry Chef who has worked around NYC, and Kareem Hamady is a trained finance guy with a true love for food. The two teamed up in the summer of 2010, pooling together just $350 towards ingredients and a kitchen rental to start Melt Bakery, an ice cream cookie sandwich company featuring fun and adventurous choices. Since then, Melt has grown from vending at the Hester Street Fair to opening up two brick-and-mortar locations in NYC and Brooklyn.


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