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The small town of Caripito, Venezuela is brought right to you in the form of this one-of-a-kind New York food truck. From the outside, the Venezuelan food truck, Caripito’s, catches your eye by displaying some of the spots that make the town so special: soccer stadiums, beaches, and scenic town squares. And, on the inside, New Yorkers everywhere are lucky enough to experience the greatest part of Caripito: the delicious Venezuelan cuisine. From Arepas made of shredded beef, sweet plantains, black beans, and cheese to Sauteed Chicken and Meat mixed with onion and red pepper, Caripito’s Venezuelan food truck doesn’t shy away from any dish, or from bringing you the absolute best. Oh, and when you’re booking Caripito’s food truck for your next event, don’t forget about the world-class empanadas! 

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A native Venezuelan, Vanessa Cuartas brought her roots to New York City when she moved to Queens 8 years ago and opened her very own food truck. Thanks to Caripito’s Venezuelan food truck, New Yorkers have the chance to taste arepas, frijoles, and platanos that are truly unique and authentic to Venezuelan culture— but to Vanessa, Caripito’s serves an even greater purpose: it gives Vanessa the opportunity to leave a legacy to her family, all the while making a name for herself as an empowered, entrepreneurial female immigrant. For a dreamer like Vanessa, Caripito’s is just the beginning of a long and amazing future in the food industry, and here at NYFTA, we can’t wait for what else is to come. 


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