5 Food Truck Designs To Match Your Event Aesthetic

Food truck catering is an excellent way to elevate your event. Aside from the conveniency and cost-effectiveness of food trucks, mobile catering gives you the opportunity to choose a food truck design to match your event aesthetic. As a party host, this is a win-win: in addition to feeding your guests gourmet meals, food trucks are a way to decorate at the same time! 

Below we’ll discuss five main food truck designs that you should consider when you’re putting together all the details of your upcoming party! 

1. Classic Food Trucks

When you picture a food truck, you probably envision something like the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck. Classic food trucks like these are travel-friendly and contain ample storage room, which is perfect for feeding a big guest list. 

But besides their functionality, these vehicles give you the quintessential food truck look you may be going for at your birthday, wedding, or corporate event. If you favor a traditional and effortless aesthetic, then this is the vehicle for your catering event. 

2. Vintage Piaggio

Next there’s the vintage piaggio, an Italian vehicle with an especially unique food truck design.

Unlike a classic food truck, a Vintage Piaggio works best as a bar or mobile café and doesn’t typically have full-scale kitchen capability. 

However, the charm of this small, three-wheeled vehicle makes the perfect accessory to an outdoor event in the spring or summertime, especially if you’re looking for a creative way to serve drinks.

Take it from us, when you add a vehicle like this to your party aesthetic, your guests’ Instagram photos will look like they were taken right on an Italian vineyard and they’ll thank you for it.

Interested in booking this type of vehicle to your event? Browse through two of our members Caffé Arrone or Bubbles & Brews

3. Food Cart

Many of us, especially those of us that are New Yorkers, stumble across food carts everyday; in just a few blocks, you can spot everything from a Halal cart to a taco and Korean cart. As a party host, it’s important to realize the emotional weight that food carts carry as a part of everyday life for many of your guests. 

To pull on people’s heartstrings, you can recreate a ‘archetypal New York’ aesthetic by booking a food cart caterer at your next event!  

4. Citroen

Citroens are a vintage, French vehicle that can be used in all kinds of party settings; however, given their refined and luxurious look, they pair best with high-end events— and particularly weddings. 

Grey’s Donuts is one of New York’s most beloved food truck caterers, and on top of providing a vehicle with classic French romance, they can even show guests how much you love them with cute little accessories on their bar space.

5. Vintage Volkswagen

Last but not least, there’s the food truck design represented by Greats of Crafts’s vintage volkswagen, a vehicle that works perfectly as a mobile bar! Spice up your event by transforming a vehicle that most of us recognize seeing on the road and turning it into a boozy station at your corporate event, birthday, or wedding! 

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All five of these food truck designs can amplify your event by serving a dual purpose for dining and decoration alike. 

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