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Goldman Sachs Corporate Event

Goldman Sachs is a leading investment banking and management firm with a New York office that comprises more than 50,000 employees. As a major player in the financial world, the company knew that only the most unforgettable experience would be able to repay employees for all of their hard work. That’s why they decided to treat their staff to an employee getaway on Governors Island featuring some of the best food trucks in NYC, courtesy of NYFTA. 

"Our guests were raving about the selection of food trucks!"

- Emily, Event Organizer

The NYFTA Solution

Among the special competitions, games, and prize giveaways, the New York Food Truck Association coordinated 13 food trucks, allowing employees to bond with their colleagues over some of the best bites in New York City. We offered top-tier Greek, Mediterranean, and seafood options, as well as delicious American, Mexican and Latin cuisines. If you were in the mood for a sweet treat, we even had you covered with Carvel ice cream and Chip City cookies. From Uncle Gussy’s to Twisted Steaks, this dynamic food truck catering experience provided the volume and quality of food that perfectly suited this corporate event.

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The Results

Through our partnership, Goldman Sachs was able to treat 7,000 of their employees to a selection of more than 13 premium food trucks. When operating large-scale events and feeding large crowds, organization and efficiency are key. Thankfully, the New York Food Truck Association offers end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of corporate catering and production. We are experts in knowing how much food to plan for and preparing dietary accommodations so nobody is left hungry, and our partnership with Goldman Sachs is only one example of that.

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