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New York City is home to two Google campuses, comprising over 12,000 employees and five offices. Because the NYC team is such a focal point for innovation, Google wanted to host an employee appreciation event that would show each and every one of their New York Googlers, from Software Engineers to Business Developers and Marketers, that their day-to-day efforts are recognized and valued. However, planning an employee appreciation event at such a massive scale is no easy feat, especially when it comes to the catering— that’s where NYFTA comes in.

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Thousands of guests ferried in from the city to arrive on Governors Island where they enjoyed an outdoor food truck festival specially arranged by the New York Food Truck Association. As Googlers took in the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, mingled with teams from different departments, and danced along to a live performance from Jamie XX, they also had the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic catering experience, courtesy of NYFTA. To suit this event’s sizable guest list, our team provided a suite of over 15 food trucks of all different cuisines, satisfying every possible craving. From Shake Shack and No Good Burger to Santo Ceviche and Sip ‘N Swirl, we made sure to enhance the employee getaway with the absolute best eats in New York City.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with NYFTA this year, and the NYFTA team's incredible partnership was a gift in itself."

- Nicole Burgan, Google Event Organizer


NYFTA successfully coordinated over 15,000 servings across more than 15 individual food trucks, providing some of the most delicious meals NYC has to offer in one place. Special event catering is our specialty, and our hand in Google's corporate event was just one way that food trucks can elevate an entire experience; whether you were in the mood for American or Italian, or you were looking for a sweet treat to cool you down on a hot summer day, NYFTA had each and every Googler covered.

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