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New York’s first and only Haitian food truck, Nao’s Caribbean Flavor serves authentic Haitian food that’s always fresh, always flavorful, and always served with love. Nao’s Caribbean Flavor food truck aims to show customers the beauty and uniqueness of Haiti through its food. From the design of the food truck to the attention paid to every detail in creating genuine Haitian dishes, it all stems from wanting to not only nourish your body, but also your mind and soul. Serving authentic Haitian food like fried pork known as griot or griyo, the ingredients and techniques of no fewer than three continents — thyme, parsley and scotch bonnet peppers, marinating, braising and barbacoa-ing — combine to produce morsels of such sublimity they make an impression on every willing tongue, a brief one, as the pork swiftly dissolves and deliquesces, leaving behind sublime puddles of caramelized fat. Nao’s Caribbean Flavors leaves a more lasting impression, not in the least because the New York food truck’s griot takes owners Carline Jean more than a day to prepare.

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Husband and wife duo Tony and Carline Jean are the proud Haitian owners of Nao’s Caribbean Flavors. The name Nao comes from the Jean’s three children, Niela, Naomi, and Nia. After a few years and umpteen gigs, Nao’s Caribbean Flavor amassed quite a following and outgrew its original wheels. So in 2019, the couple purchased a food truck three times larger, and in 2021 the new and improved Nao’s truck hit the streets to serve authentic Haitian food with love!


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