Rent a Snack Food Truck in New York

The evolution of snack food means that your mid-morning energy boost, P.M. pick-me-up or after work hors d’oeuvres offer options way beyond the ordinary. And the fact that New York’s snack food trucks can bring them to your door is a bonus. Whether it is a surprisingly sweet and salty popcorn pairing or the pleasure of finding a Mac & Cheese egg roll, you will be happy to venture outside your comfort zone. Many of the snack food truck offerings have an international flair with Italian, Latin, Asian, and South American flavors in the mix.

Snack Food Truck Featured Dishes

If you had to pick just one thing to try it would be tough but thankfully, you don’t. For your next snack attack, pounce on the following.

  •   Popcorn mixes, ranging from salty to spicy to sweet
  •   Handheld empanadas for meat and veggie lovers
  •   Eggrolls with most unexpected fillings (think Chicken Parm)
  • Mexican Street Corn (great by itself, also fabulous as a filling)

1-800-POPCORN: The Truck Literally Popping With Flavor

You know the popcorn is good if they have catered two Super Bowls, the Indy500 and Bonnaroo. 1-800-POPCORN has been popping gourmet popcorn since 1998, and they’re only getting better. The plain salted is the gold standard but it is the unique combinations that keep people coming back to sample something new. If you eat M&Ms with your movie popcorn, then the Salty Sweet Candy Mix is made for you. Want something spicier? The Hot Cheese Mix with roasted jalapeno, or the Hot for Your Mix with jalapeno and kettle corn will light your fire.

Take a bite out of this: The New York Mix

This new classic starts with creamy caramel popcorn and then adds cheesy white cheddar. It is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. The Chicago Mix, by the way, is caramel and original cheddar if you are feeling a Windy City vibe.

Nuchas: Argentinian Inspired & American Made Empanadas Come to You 

Inspired by their Argentinian heritage, Ariel Barbouth and wife Leni opened a kiosk in Times Square where customers could snack on their simple and delicious handheld pies. Now their snack food truck gives them a greater opportunity to share their culinary passion. With choices like Chipotle Chicken, Argentine Beef, and Portobello with Spinach and Mozza, both meat and veggie lovers will be supremely satisfied. Nuchas food truck’s grab-and-go gourmet bites are a New York favorite and even landed them on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Take a bite out of this: Sweet Empanada

A must-try for the sweet tooth takes Granny Smith apples, cranberries, and pears, and blends them with Nutella and chocolate. It is a white almond dough pie crust that contains all this goodness. Be still my snacking heart.

Rescue Rolls: Inventive Egg Rolls on Wheels 

FDNY firefighters Ryan and John first made their mouthwatering egg rolls for their co-workers. Now, however, the two own a food truck to deliver their creations to the masses. To honor their unit and celebrate the profession, the snack food truck is wrapped to resemble a firetruck. Rescue Rolls has a full menu of gourmet options including Buffalo Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak, and the Sicilian Rice ball. Dessert options like Oreo and Funfetti Cupcake keep the party rolling.

Take a bite out of this: Chicken Parm Egg roll

You don’t know how much you crave the breaded chicken, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan in an egg roll until you take that first bite. New to the menu in 2020, the Chicken Parm Egg roll is one of the snack food truck’s best-loved creations. Summon some yourself, stat.

Wanna Empanada: Empanadas Done Different 

This family-owned snack food truck business does traditional fried and flaky empanadas to perfection, but they also pride themselves on thinking outside the box with flavors like Shrimp Scampi and Mexican Street Corn. Wanna Empanada’s menu is a gateway to more than 50 different options – with categories like Savory (Sausage & Peppers and Jerk Chicken), More Savory (Cowboy Burger and The Cuban), and Sweet (Rainbow Cookie and Bananas Foster). There are a variety of sides, including their Mexican Sweet Corn and Sweet Plantains, to boot.

Take a bite out of this: The Chimi Empanada

The Cheese Empanada, stuffed with a burger, coleslaw, and tomatoes, will debut this spring. Snack food truck owners Philip Gioio, wife Kenelyn, and mother Doreen Gioio say they have been working hard on perfecting this empanada for the past year and are finally ready to share it. 

The Snack is Back – Get a Snack Food Truck to Deliver the Goods for Your Next Shindig

A snack can be a snack, a snack can be a meal, or a snack can be dessert. Sometimes it is that certain sweet or savory something that adds color and spice to your event. New York’s snack food trucks are loaded with possibilities you might not have considered. Let them show you all the delicious ways that the snack is back.