Vegan Food Truck Rental in New York

When planning an event for coworkers, family, or friends, you might want to consider renting a vegan food truck in NYC. The quality and flavor of vegan food continues to improve as the lifestyle gains popularity, making it a great blanket option that saves your veg-head friends from going hungry at your party, impresses your carnivores, and thrills your health-conscious eaters. New York City is known for a wide array of cuisine options, and many of our members own some of the best vegan food trucks in New York!

There are so many delicious vegan food truck meal options, other than a plain old salad, that are both inventive and flavorful, sometimes even making you wonder if there really isn’t any meat at all in it. Plus, if you’re still on the fence, rent a vegan truck that also has meat options! 

Vegan Truck Featured Dishes

As if you really needed more convincing, NYC vegan food trucks have menu’s full of mouthwatering dishes you simply have to taste to believe, like:

  • Seitán Al Pastor Empanadas
  • Lemongrass Pulled Jackfruit
  • Tikel Gomen
  • Acai Berry Bowl
  • Tropical Smoothie
  • Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream
  • Vegan Croissants

Van Leeuwen

This vegan food truck serves up dairy-free, corn syrup-free, absolutely delicious ice cream that just happens to be vegan. Made with oat or cashew milk, Van Leeuwen is the OG vegan ice cream truck, and with so many flavors, you are sure to impress your guests when they roll up. 

Take a bite out of this: Vegan Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl

It’s exactly what it sounds like, except so much more. You aren’t ready for the way you’ll crave another taste as soon as you take that first bite of paradise, a vegan cookies & cream ice cream with a gooey caramel swirl.  

Exotic Bowls

A NYC food truck with Brazilian influence, Exotic Bowls will refresh your baby shower or wedding party with nutritional acai bowls, smoothies, and bubble tea. Choose a pre-made bowl, or customize your own, with toppings like pineapple, banana, mango, blueberries, coconut, chia seeds, goji berries, and honey. 

Take a bite out of this: Blue Magic Bowl

A bowl that will make you feel energized for the rest of the day, the Blue Magic Bowl is full of nutritious ingredients like blue spirulina, pineapple, banana, coconut milk, and topped with granola, strawberries, blueberries, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and honey. 


First of its kind in NYC, Makina is an authentic Ethiopean-Eritrean food truck, serving up both meat-heavy and totally vegan meal options. Choose a base, pick your protein and veggies, drizzle a sauce on top, and don’t forget an appetizer like lentil sambusa. 

Take a bite out of this: Tikel Gomen

With two veggies per serving, you can easily skip the chicken or beef protein and opt instead for this potato, cabbage, and carrot combo. Add some variety with a second serving of miser—a spicy whole red lentil soup—ater—split pea soup—or fasolia—string beans with carrots.


A perfect blend of meat, vegetarian, vegan, and sweets coexist on the Nuchas menu, just waiting to totally enchant your guests. Inspired by Argentinian empanadas, Nuchas takes the concept of handheld foods to the next level by pulling in cultural ingredients from around the world. Brave the 100% vegan menu and delight your taste buds with hot pockets of Korean BBQ Seitán, Curry Leaf Chana, and Seitán Al Pastor.

Take a bite out of this: Maple Barbecue Seitan

This empanada-inspired meal is made with sweet tangy barbecue seitan, smoked roasted yams, and coconut chips roasted with chipotle powder and tamari.