5 Best Food Trucks For Warming Up

New York City’s tiny piece of the troposphere is undergoing an unhappy phase of piercing winds and freezing cold air. Snow smothers the streets. Thin coats of ice now glaze parts of the sidewalk where small puddles once were, and hapless pedestrians throughout all five boroughs are probably slipping on these frozen traps and falling backwards on their butts right now, as you read this blog.

Yet no matter how dangerous the roads may be, or how dried up and numb our faces are from the cold, we still must get things done! If you still have to make that daily trek to work, then consider stopping at one of these gourmet trucks for a quick bite of warm, delicious comfort food. Shiver not, the New York Food Truck Association has got you covered.

stuf'd food truck winter food


Here is a sample of five of our best picks:


Of course a truck dedicated to mac and cheese, arguably the comfiest of all comfort foods, must lead this list. Celebrity Chef Dom Tesoriero’s Mac Truck serves a heavenly assortment of gut warming (and filling) renditions of this American staple snack. The classic, plain macaroni and cheese is great for first-timers; but, for an extra layer of flavor, try the cheeseburger or pulled pork variations. How can you go wrong with melted cheese on a wintry day?


Everything is easier with coffee on a frigid morning. Walking to and from work. Shopping for winter clothes at a department store or for allergy medicine at a pharmacy. Why settle for boring chain-store coffee when you can warm your bones with a drip, latté, cappuccino, tea, or hot chocolate, from the most fun coffee and pastry truck in town? A steaming cup of coffee delivers the heat and the energy necessary to pull through this long season.


Everyone’s favorite hot dog stand is wonderful year-round, but Nathan’s scrumptious chili and cheese toppings are necessary now more than ever. Choosing to spoil yourself with a hot dog drenched in chili is truly an act of self-care when it is 12 degrees outside and your pinkie is freezing off. This is also the kind of snack to surprise your co-workers with, if you happen upon this NYFTA darling!


When it’s this cold, I sometimes visualize myself tanning in July on a sun-dappled beach in Athens, Greece. The crystal blue waves of the Aegean Sea lap against my feet as I sprawl my limbs out on a sandy shore. Rays of heat emanate from the sun and radiate off the rocks and stony sidewalks. It helps to chow on a warm pita or bifteki sandwich from Souvlaki GR when I play this imagination game. Give it try. You won’t be disappointed.


 The list begins and ends with melted cheese cuisine, because how could it not? 2018 should be about self-care and the small joys that make up a fulfilling life, and delicious cheesy treats always manage to soothe and satisfy my soul. Gorilla Cheese NYC is my favorite grilled cheese truck—it has a phenomenal menu with customization options that will either overwhelm you with choices or lead you to build the sandwich of your dreams. Want the decision making done for you? This truck also carries a long list of specialty sandwiches with a range of cheeses, like brie, asiago, muenster, mozzarella, and parmesan. Vegetarians are also sure to find something perfect for them here.

Stay warm New Yorkers!

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