6 New York Restaurants That Started Out As Our Favorite Food Trucks

Among many other notable features, New York City is famous for its restaurant scene. In a city of 8 million of people, it’s no surprise that cultures from all over the world are represented in the delicious cuisine. 

What’s more, many of these well-loved, iconic spots started as food trucks, some of which are our very own NYFTA members. From street sales to corporate events booked through our association, these particular food trucks have gained so much popularity and success that, since opening their first mobile restaurants, they have expanded into permanent brick-and-mortar locations. 

Here is a list of 6 New York restaurants that started out as some of our favorite members in the New York Food Truck Association!  


The Twisted Steaks food truck opened in 2016 when two longtime friends, David and Andrew, finally turned their love of cooking into a business. Through intense research and trial-and-error, the two were able to develop a menu that offered New York— a city with already so much culinary variety— something truly special: juicy cheesesteaks served on hand-twisted pretzels. 

Racking up so much success over six years, Twisted Steaks now offers their ‘twist’ on cheesesteak sandwiches, including the Pizza, Bacon Barbeque, and Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak from their brick-and-mortar restaurant located in New Egypt, NJ.

So, what began as a street business now has a permanent home for customers in New Jersey! 


Angry Archies is a family-owned business, established in 2015 by Chef Chris Cuardo and his cousin Michael Ponte. The business first made a name for itself as food truck serving up some of the most delicious seafood in New Jersey. Dishes like their mouthwatering Lobster Rolls, Crab Poutine, Lobster Mac & Cheese earned Archies 2016 title as the Best Food at the Food Truck Mash Up at the Meadowlands, featuring hundreds of other food trucks. 

In addition to bragging rights, the attention and adoration the food truck garnered resulted in a whole new fleet of food trucks, as well as their recently opened storefront. Located at 565 Palisades Ave, Jersey City, NJ, the restaurant offers the full food truck menu as well as many more delicious options. Be sure to check it out for some of the tastiest, freshest seafood in NYC!  

Angry Archies burger


The very first Peruvian Latin food truck in Westchester, Latusion is famous for giving New York a true taste of Peru, but with a twist. 

Though known for its signature sauces that accompany their famous Lomo Fries, you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu; from their fresh empanadas to their Lomo Burger, there are so many reasons why this food truck eventually expanded into a storefront, located at 223 Harrison Ave, Harrison NY 10528.

Latusion wings


Much like Latusion, Makina Cafe began as the first (and only) New York food truck of its kind, distinguished for bringing the rich heritage and flavors of Ethiopia to communities across the tristate area. 

Met with so much success on the streets, Makina Cafe is now open permanently at 3647 30th street, Long Island City, NY, 11106. 

Makina Cafe food assortment


#BAONANAS was founded by Lloyd and Trisha, a happy couple who decided to use their love of baking as a creative way to raise money fast. But, once they saw how much praise their take on banana pudding was met with, they decided to take their temporary idea and turn it into a legitimate business, eventually blossoming into a Bao-mobile cart for weddings and corporate events and three storefronts. 

#BAONANAS continues to be so widely adored by NYC because it reimagines banana pudding using the couple’s Filipino background, substituting traditional pudding and custard to whip up their unique version. You can visit their website to see their different locations! 

Baonanas banana pudding cup


Founded in 2019 in Brooklyn, Chop Shop is one of New York’s top-tier, Black-owned food trucks. Chef and owner, Najee, poured many long hours into creating a menu that blends Caribbean and American southern flavors to offer a truly multicultural, authentic cuisine.

From dishes like the Cajun Shrimp Burrito and Chicken Sandwich to Salmon Rice Bowl and the iconic Grilled Jerk Chicken, New Yorkers have not been let down, which is why the food truck has expanded to its own brick-and-mortar location. 


From desserts and sweets to seafood and burgers, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish when you’re a member of the New York Food Truck Association.

Our organization is so proud to see the success of its members, so much so that their businesses grow into different locations and storefronts like the ones listed above! If you’re interested in joining the association, don’t wait: become a member today.