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The B Bistro Vietnamese food truck serves a wide variety of traditional dishes in the city where it’s appreciated most: New York, New York. In the world’s melting pot, there’s never a lack of desire for diverse cuisines— and, lucky for us, B Bistro makes it possible to enjoy, as they say, ‘a taste of Vietnam’ right in our own backyards. B Bistro gets many of its Vietnamese dishes from family recipes that have been passed down the line; of its wide menu, they offer special house marinated chicken served with paté mayo, cucumber, pickled carrots, and daikon radish, jalapeño peppers, and soy sauce and, for vegan eaters, the same dish offered with fried tofu instead of chicken. But you don’t have to take our word for it: better than reading about B Bistro’s amazing selection, you can visit or book their Vietnamese food truck today! 

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Question: what’s better than delicious, authentic Vietnamese food served from a festive food truck? Answer: delicious, authentic Vietnamese food served from a festive food truck accompanied by a love story for the ages. Along with its tasty summer rolls, pho, and Bahn Mis, B Bistro gifts us all a beautiful love story between the owners. Created by a U.S. Soldier and a Vietnamese woman who met and fell in love with Saigon during wartime, B Bistro was born out of their desire to keep Vietnamese traditions alive and pass down parts of the culture to their son Lee, who is now the owner and chef of B Bistro. When you visit B Bistro, you’re getting more than just a plate of amazing Vietnamese food, you’re getting a piece of the owners’ colorful background. 


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