Benefits of Mobile Kitchen Rentals for Your Events

When planning any event, one of the most important components to account for is the food you will serve to attendees. Whether it’s personal or professional, everyone needs to eat, and determining how exactly you’ll facilitate that will be a deciding factor in your event’s success.  Hungry friends or business partners rarely make agreeable guests, and you’ll want to avoid food related frustration at any cost. That’s where a mobile kitchen rental comes in. 

Mobile Kitchen Food Truck

What is a Mobile Kitchen Rental?

A mobile kitchen rental is essentially a customizable food truck you can utilize for any event. Think of it like your kitchen at home, but with the ability to travel anywhere you need it to be. Mobile kitchen rentals allow you to cook and cater from a location of your choosing, without the set menu or pre-determined stops of a regular food truck.  

Mobile kitchen rentals can be a useful tool for existing restaurants and catering businesses as well. If you have an event that requires you to cook onsite, it may be easier to get a mobile kitchen rental to satisfy your customers needs.

Your clients also may want an event catered in a location inconveniently far from your central kitchen. No problem! With a mobile kitchen rental, you can bring that hot and fresh flavor directly to them.

For established restaurants, Mobile kitchen rentals can allow you to test a new location or demographic. Maybe you want to see if your restaurant would do well in a new neighborhood or new group of customers.

Renting a stationary space can be prohibitively expensive, and few buildings will allow you to sign a commercial lease for a short period of time. But with a temporary commercial kitchen rental, you can get that valuable data you require without the hassle of high costs or a long term lease. 

Mobile Kitchen Food Truck

What Other Uses Does a Mobile Kitchen Rental Have?

There are several applications of a mobile kitchen rental outside of hosting an event. For restaurants, you can run a separate version of your establishment specifically for delivery services. Often restaurants will offer their menu under a different name, operating as a “ghost kitchen”. Ghost kitchens can operate closer to the source of their sales as a way to monopolize delivery traffic and increase revenue. 

By establishing a mobile ghost kitchen, you can choose several locations where you believe you could get the most business. Lunchtime? You can set up downtown. Friday night? Go near the bar scene. With a mobile kitchen rental, you have the advantage of choosing exactly where you will get the most business.

You also don’t have to worry about needing physical space for your customers. As a delivery-only operation, ghost kitchens don’t require the tablespace and seating that a traditional kitchen does. This also eliminates many of the issues that can come with having customers in a physical establishment. No need to worry about unruly guests causing a disturbance, as all the food you cook will be taken directly to the customers’ homes. All the revenue, with none of the stress!

Mobile Kitchen Rental

Where can I get a Mobile Kitchen Rental? 

For the highest quality rental and the best service, you’ll want to go with New York Food Truck Association. The NYFTA not only provides the best in mobile kitchen rentals, but we can also help you find the top food trucks in New York.

Whether you are looking to cater a corporate event, make sure the food for your wedding is unique and delicious, or just want to leave an impression on your guests at any occasion, NYFTA can help everything go off without a (trailer) hitch.

Don’t leave the success of your event to chance. If you want tasty food that can spice up any event, book a rental with NYFTA today!

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