5 Reasons Why Food Trucks are the Best Catering Choice in NYC

Just like at your local street fair or festival, food trucks are a must-try highlight and always a crowd pleaser. And with so many benefits, food trucks are the best catering option in NYC.  

So, why should you ditch traditional catering and choose a food truck instead? From their popularity, versatility, convenience and more, food trucks can elevate your next event by making it a deliciously unique and memorable experience.

Food Truck Catering New York



With Labor Day just around the corner, hosting a food truck-catered outdoor event is a great way to enjoy those waning summer days with loved ones. 

While traditional catering services prefer the ease and control of indoors events in hotels, banquet halls, or inside homes, food truck vendors are uniquely equipped to successfully cater outdoor events. 

Plus, with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines still in effect, hosting a food truck-catered outdoor catered event makes it even easier to have a good time, while knowing you’re keeping you and your loved ones safe.


Food Truck Catering New York



With delightful culinary creations and millions of fans sharing mouthwatering pics all over social media, the food truck industry is booming. Across the U.S., food truck catering is an estimated $2 billion industry. 

Needless to say, the number one reason why food trucks are such a hit with consumers is because of the cuisine. These mobile kitchens are perfectly positioned to prepare, cook, and serve orders faster and more efficiently, ensuring your guests receive a five-star meal. From pizza and hot dogs, to lobster rolls and even Asian-fusion street tacos, food trucks serve food that’s always fresh and always convenient. 

And, rarely will you ever see a food truck at an event that’s “boring” or “dull.” Another reason why food trucks are such a popular choice for catering events is because they add an element of color and excitement that’s sure to liven up a party

Asian Fusion Food Truck Catering



Say, you’re planning the reception for your upcoming wedding. Of course, booking the right caterer is at the top of your list. But, did you know that most couples will spend anywhere between $1,800 and $7,000 on catering alone? 

On the other hand, booking food truck catering in NYC costs between $1,500 and $3,000 or $10 to $35 per guest if you’re planning to feed 100 guests. 

But, saving money doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and service. Along with experts who’ll handle all logistics, they’ll help you craft a personalized menu, take care of any issues before they happen, and make sure you choose the right food truck that’s best for your needs and your budget. 

And, the convenience of having a professional and friendly staff available the day of your event means you can focus on your guests and actually enjoy yourself!

Food Truck For Wedding


Unlike traditional catering companies, food truck catering offers a variety of food and menu options. In New York alone, there are an estimated 12,000 food trucks in operation. 

Food trucks offer a level of versatility you won’t find with traditional catering. With mobile kitchens, commercial-grade equipment, and a talented staff who feed and serve hungry crowds everyday, food truck catering can customize any event, big or small. 



When you hire a catering service, you may have the food taken care of, but what about the rest? Servers? Clean-up? There’s a lot to think about, and a lot of moving parts that would normally require your undivided attention. 

Food truck catering is tailor-made for you to forget the mess and stress. Premium food truck vendors eliminate the hassle and food truck catering professionals have the experience and know-how to handle all the cooking and even the serving and cleaning for you.

Mexican Food Truck Catering


There are plenty of reasons why food trucks are the best catering choice in NYC. From hosting a party where you want (even in the great outdoors) and a price that’ll make your wallet happy, to a wide-range of menu options and service that’ll “WOW” your guests, you can say “so long” to traditional catering when you book a food truck to handle all your catering needs. 

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