4 Budget-Friendly Corporate Catering Options in NYC

As companies brace for a financial downturn, there are a few expense items that get put on the chopping block first– like, for instance, the corporate event budget. But with the holidays just around the corner, you don’t want to disappoint your employees by canceling the company Christmas party altogether. This means you have to get creative and find budget-friendly party ideas! 

Catering specifically can be one of the priciest aspects of a corporate party, so you’ve come to the right place if you want to mitigate this cost. 

In this blog, we will discuss the cost benefits of certain vendors in New York City along with the general advantages of working with the New York Food Truck Association for large, corporate events!

The Average Price of Catering

Without knowing the going rate for large party catering, it’s difficult to contextualize the benefits of food truck catering through NYFTA. 

Catering companies set their pricing structure based on how many people will be attending, and traditional catering costs can be anywhere from $30 to 100 dollars a head. When we are talking about thousands of potential guests, this can be a hard pill to swallow, especially since you still have other party costs to worry about. 

However, when you work with NYFTA, you can decide to opt out of run-of-the-mill buffets or stations for a more unique and budget-friendly catering alternative: food truck catering! With food truck catering, you’re sure to get the bang for your buck! Here’s why:

The Unique Cost Benefits of Booking With NYFTA

1. No late night fees.

With many catering companies, you can face something like a $25 fee per head depending on the operating hours. Thankfully, when you work with NYFTA, you avoid all of those charges and have the freedom to start and end the party at the time you please! 

2. Hands-on service.

One of the major benefits of working with NYFTA to use food truck catering is that you are opting into a more hands-on experience. Through our event coordinators, all the catering logistics are handled on your behalf, and contracts are put in place so that you get the catering experience you agreed upon, no questions asked. Through us, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth with none of the stress!

3. Permitting and insurance handled.

In the same vein, permit and insurance paperwork can be taxing and expensive. We handle this part of your corporate catering entirely, so you can devote your time and energy to other aspects of the event! 

4. No wait staff necessary.

The nature of food trucks is ‘grab-and-go,’ which means you save a significant amount of money on hiring a wait staff. Plus, the fun, interactive nature of food truck service outweighs traditional dining staff anyway! 

5. Less table set up.

‘Grab-and-go’ also means you need less table and dining set up, which of course, comes with a price tag. Instead of assigned seating or typical buffet style, guests will be invited to mingle in line or around the food truck while they’re enjoying their food! 

6. Relationship with vendors.

Because we have a tight-knit relationship with our vendors, you don’t have to worry about price gauging during busy seasons. We work with these vendors year round, so we are familiar with their prices, and regardless of the time of year, we can negotiate the lowest prices for you.

Budget Friendly New York Food Trucks to Cater Your Event

1. Espresso Guys

The Espresso Guys coffee cart or truck make for the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ at a corporate event!  One major benefit of booking the Espresso Guys is that their vehicles can operate indoors, so they’re flexible as far as venue!  

From traditional coffee like espresso and iced lattes to other café favorites like organic chai lattes, hot chocolate, and hot cider, The Espresso Guys makes the perfect addition to any event. 

Espresso Guys corporate catering.
Espresso Guys muffin, banana bread, and coffee.
Espresso Guys catering.
Espresso Guys food truck.

2. Mister Softee

Mister Softee soft serve ice cream truck is one of New York’s food truck icons, and with over 350 franchises and 600 trucks, it has become the largest franchisor of soft ice cream in the US. From tasty cones and shakes, to sundaes and sprinkles, there is no better treat for your guests, coworkers, and attendees at your next private event than with an ice cream truck. 

Mister Softee ice cream cone.
Mister Softee food truck.
Mister Softee ice cream.
Nathaniel Harris, the owner of Eagle Rock BBQ, standing in front of a smoker smiling

3. Crepe It

Crepe It is one of the most unique food vendors in NYC, putting a Greek twist on a traditionally French and German cuisine! The Crepe It food truck can operate indoors, and has a wide range of selections, from a sweet treat, the PB&J (peanut butter, raspberry jam, and graham crackers) to a savory choice, like the Carbonara (bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and creamy alfredo sauce). 

Crepe It dessert crepe.
Crepe It savory crepe.
Crepe It NYC.

4. Carvel

Carvel is a household staple, which means you can’t go wrong booking this budget-friendly catering truck for your corporate party! From traditional ice cream flavors to one-of-a-kind creations, Carvel is sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Carvel ice cream nyc.
Carvel ice cream sandwiches.
Carvel ice cream truck NYC.
Carvel ice cream.

Wrap Up

In light of economic downturn, there are many financial adjustments companies are forced to make— one of which is reducing the company event budget. However, just because your budget is smaller doesn’t mean you can’t put on an amazing party that employees will remember and talk about for years. 

Thankfully, when you book with NYFTA, you are connected to New York’s greatest food truck vendors: the best, budget-friendly corporate catering options. 

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