8 Food Ideas For Your Company Christmas Party

Your company holiday party is an opportunity to bring co-workers together and boost workplace morale. The reality is how people feel after a get-together Saturday night definitely influences the mood in the office on Monday morning. This means your office party is an enormous opportunity to brighten and amplify your company culture! 

So, here’s the million dollar question: how do you ensure that your guests will have an amazing time? From our experience, a big part of the equation is a no-brainer: the food. 

Of course, there are other aspects of your holiday event that matter— the venue, the guest list, and the decor— but arguably the most important feature of any successful party is the menu. 

In this blog, we will briefly touch on the benefits of food truck catering for corporate events and brainstorm what holiday eats you can serve that will make your holiday party something employees talk about for years to come! 

Food Truck Catering

The New York Food Truck Association has years of experience catering for corporate events and workplaces. As our name suggests, we focus on food truck catering, and we do so because we’ve found that this alternative to traditional catering is more cost-effective, convenient, and customizable. 

Connecting people to New York’s finest selection of food trucks,  we know that nothing makes a splash at a wedding, birthday party, and yes, a corporate holiday party like a deluxe food truck service. Frankly, after you use food truck catering, a typical platter or buffet just doesn’t quite satisfy you.

With that being said, here are some holiday food suggestions and corresponding food trucks that you can book this holiday season! (The food trucks will be local to New York City, but the food recommendations will be helpful for anyone!) 

Let’s get started and walk through 8 catering ideas that are sure to turn your company party up a notch! 

What Should I Serve at My Holiday Party?

1. Pizza

Pizza Vita pie.
Pizza Vita pie.
Pizza Vita in front of NYC skyline.

You can’t go wrong with pizza. Aside from how uncontroversially delicious pizza is, an obvious benefit to catering this cheesy delight is that it can be made quickly and at high volume. Efficiency is an unnegotiable when you’re serving as many as hundreds or thousands of guests! 

Taking this into account, Pizza Vita is one of our favorite options to suggest to party planners. The Pizza Vita food truck can cook personal pies in just 90 seconds, which means no one will have any trouble indulging at your party! Plus, one of our favorite parts of Pizza Vita’s menu are the creative menu names, like ‘Grandma,’ ‘Fun Guy’ and ‘Meat Head!’ After all, who doesn’t want to laugh over a slice?

2. Holiday Snacks


Rescue Rolls

Wanna Empanada

Holiday snacks are a great option if you want to provide smaller treats instead of full-blown meals. Especially when you’re hosting a party outside of conventional meal times, then holiday snacks may be the route for you.

Thankfully, we offer some of the best snack vendors in all of New York City. Three food trucks that you should definitely check out are 1-800-POPCORN.COM, Rescue Rolls, and Wanna Empanada

1-800-POPCORN.COM offers a menu chock-full of sweet and savory popcorn– like creamy caramel and Texas mix– but aside from that, their truck also has indoor capability so they’re flexible as far as venues! 

Rescue Rolls, on the other hand, specializes in egg rolls of all different kinds of flavors. Their range goes from buffalo chicken to Philly cheesesteak and mac & cheese. And this gourmet food truck definitely doesn’t neglect those of us who have a sweet tooth, offering Banana Nutella, Oreo, and more! 

Last but not least, there’s Wanna Empanada. A large part of Wanna Empanada’s appeal is the diversity, offering an array of more traditional empanada flavors while also extending their menu options to novel and original creations. An example of their more unconventional options would be their Raspberry Cheesecake and Shrimp Scampi. Sounds delicious, huh?

3. Apple Cider and Other Seasonal Drinks

Blank Street mobile cafe.
Blank Street cafe catering.
Blank Street coffee.

Apple cider, egg nog, peppermint hot chocolate– what do these drinks all have in common? They suit the holiday season perfectly! 

The drinks you serve matter just as much as the food, which is why you should add to the Christmas cheer by serving seasonal drinks like the ones mentioned.

If you’re interested in spicing up your company holiday party with delicious drink options, look into Blank Street! Blank Street has an array of seasonal drinks like their peppermint mocha, salted caramel hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and holiday tea that won’t leave anyone disappointed! 


4. Holiday Cookies

Baked in Color cookies.
Smorgasburg LA market

Nothing screams Christmas like a warm cookie accompanied by a glass of milk. This holiday season, book with one of our vendors to provide a quintessential Christmas treat that’ll leave your guests fat and happy. 

Even better, you can source Baked in Color cookies to add some color to your event. A huge plus of booking with Baked in Color is that you get the option to customize the colors of your cookies to match the color scheme of your party! For your company Christmas or holiday party, this may mean green and red, blue and white, and more! This is the kind of extra touch that can elevate the entirety of guests’ experience and pull aspects of the party together.

5. Kosher Options

Moshes Falafel.
Moshes Falafel.

Inclusivity matters. The best way to show your employees that you welcome all religious beliefs and traditions is by offering inclusive food options, like delicious kosher menu items! The holidays are about giving back; show your employees you care by being conscious of their dietary restrictions.

Especially if a large number of your employees eat kosher, they’ll definitely appreciate and remember being recognized and respected by the company that they dedicate so much of their time and energy to. 

On that note, Moshe’s Falafel is an excellent Kosher vendor to consider! You don’t have to eat kosher to love falafels, which is a win-win for a busy a party planner trying to get all the details right. 

6. Breakfast for Dinner

Glazed and Confused.
Waffles De Lys.
Glazed and Confused donuts.

Breakfast for dinner is a childhood staple, giving people a warm and fuzzy feeling during the holidays. Who doesn’t get nostalgic over the days when they’d ask their mom to swap out their classic dinner for scrambled eggs and waffles? Book Glazed and Confused or Waffle De Lys to give your menu a surprising twist!

Glazed and Confused is the mecca of donuts– but not just any kind of donuts. This food truck offers exciting and mouthwatering flavors like cookies and cream to fruity pebbles, so that you can satisfy all of your wildest cravings in just one bite.

Meanwhile, Waffle De Lys matches Glaze and Confused’s energy as far as their range of flavors, but for waffles. Waffles are also reminiscent of the holidays, making it a great go-to. 

To find even more breakfast options, scroll through our vendors

7. Comfort Food

Cheese fries from Smashburger.
Bay Steaks sandwich.
Smashburger burger.

Comfort food never misses. And since the holiday season is most definitely not about watching your figure or counting calories, let your guests treat themselves by booking with Bay Steaks or Shake Shack!  These vendors cook up some of the most delicious, greasy goodness that New York has to offer. 

Other comfort food options are spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, matzo ball soup, and grilled cheese! 

8. Holiday Cocktails

Bubbles & Brews bar.

Let’s face it: most of the time your employees and coworkers spend together is in the office or over Zoom meetings, so when it comes to work parties, you want your guests to let loose. Your company Christmas party is a rare moment where people can kick back and relax, and simply enjoy each other’s company without the stress of work. 

Well, nothing does this better than the perfect holiday themed cocktails! Holiday drinks are ice-breakers, and they also tie in the other festive elements of your party. 

By booking Bubbles & Brews, you work with the best bartenders to curate a cocktail menu that suits the holiday season and puts a smile on your guests’ faces. 

Wrap Up

Party-planning is no easy feat. With all of the logistics that need to be sorted out, we hope we were able to alleviate some of your stress and offer some clarity as far as menu creation and catering options goes.

Like we said, food truck catering is an incredibly convenient and unique alternative to traditional catering, and when you work with us, you can get connected to hundreds of the best vendors in New York City.

If you were interested in some of the options we laid out, book now

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