The New York Food Truck Association: Food Truck Catering Trends of 2022

We are thrilled to announce that The New York Food Truck Association catered over 500 events in 2022, bringing gourmet dining experiences across all five boroughs! 

Of all the different types of events we service— holiday parties, quinceñeras, birthdays, etc.— our most popular bookings in 2022 were weddings, corporate events, and school events, racking up over half of our total partnerships.

Keep reading for a deeper dive into our food truck catering trends for 2022! 

Food truck catering in NYC

Why was 2022 a successful year for food truck catering?

Our success this year has been extraordinary for two main reasons: 

COVID-19 recovery.

A large part of our boom in 2022 was because of the slow (but steady) recovery from COVID-19. When large gatherings were put on halt during 2020 and some of 2021, fewer people were looking to use our catering services, but thankfully, 2022 saw a major comeback.

Employees are heading back into the office, postponed weddings are being rescheduled, and schools are again welcoming parents with parent-teacher conferences and back-to-school events! 

Growing food truck catering trend.

In general, food trucks are a growing trend sweeping the nation, representing a $1.4B market in the U.S. Aside from day-to-day food truck businesses, people are also becoming increasingly aware of the fact that food trucks are a perfect option for events and catering.

A look at some of our amazing clients

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Hello 2023!

Wrapping up a successful 2022 makes us so excited for what’s to come in 2023. If you’re planning an event, whether that be a birthday, a corporate event, or a holiday party, we offer over 100 of New York’s best mobile caterers to satisfy all of your guests. 

Reach out to our event coordinators to learn what is possible!