Ice Cream Truck Rental in New York

You can find ice cream trucks all over NYC, but did you know you can also book an ice cream truck to cater your next wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or casual get-together? Below we will discuss the benefits of hiring ice cream trucks as event caterers and feature some of NYFTA’s best ice cream trucks in New York to book for your upcoming event! 

Van Leeuwen ice cream truck


NYFTA connects event planners to hundreds of top local food trucks, including over a dozen of the best ice cream trucks in New York. We believe that, compared to traditional catering and run-of-the-mill buffets, food truck catering offers more dynamic experiences for guests as well as undeniable benefits for event planners, which is why food truck catering has boomed in popularity in recent years. 

From convenience to cost and customizability, NYFTA’s selection of ice cream truck caterers make feeding large guest lists easy, as they provide the unique ability to serve high-quality treats at high-volume, while also giving people the opportunity to mingle as they choose their own flavors and toppings. Plus, ice cream truck rentals eliminates the hassle of setting up and and cleaning like with traditional catering, which is an incredible benefit for busy event planners. 

In addition to the personal benefits, it’s also worth knowing that when you work with NYFTA, you get the opportunity to support local businesses that play a crucial role in maintaining New York’s iconic street food culture.

All of these elements seam together to deliver an event experience that is far superior to other more costly and complicated catering alternatives. Ice cream truck catering is a win for everyone: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream (trucks!). 


Now that we’ve discussed why ice cream truck catering has become so popular, let’s take a look at a handful of ice cream trucks in New York that make top-tier mobile caterers for your upcoming event. 


There are a million reasons Van Leeuwen is a household name, and each is creamier, sweeter, and more delicious than the next. From Peanut Butter Cup to Earl Grey Tea, there isn’t an ice cream flavor Van Leeuwen hasn’t perfected since its inception in 2008. The best part? Van Leeuwen comes to you. If you’re looking for a top-tier ice cream truck in New York to cater your next birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, there’s no one better for the job than Van Leeuwen on wheels. This premium New York ice cream truck focuses on exceptional ingredients, so there’s quality in every cup and cone— and bonus points for having ice cream that is also Vegan-friendly! 

Take a bite out of this: Strawberry Ice Cream topped with Sprinkles

Van Leeuwen strawberry ice cream


Sip ‘N Swirl is a family-owned, New York ice cream shop that pulls out all the stops, literally. With three fully operating ice cream trucks, there’s absolutely no destination Sip ‘N Swirl can’t cater (yes, even all the way in New Jersey!). From Root Beer Floats to Italian Ice and Soft Serve Ice Cream, Sip ‘N Swirl is the #1 place to satisfy any and all cravings for a cold, sweet treat. Book this ice cream truck to delight your guests; whether that be at a formal, professional gathering or in a casual, friendly setting, Sip ‘N Swirl is suited for absolutely every occasion which is why it’s one of the best ice cream trucks NYC.

Take a bite out of this: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Sprinkles

Sip 'N Swirl ice cream cone


Mister Softee is nothing short of iconic. The fleet of over 625 trucks makes Mister Softee the largest franchise of soft ice cream trucks in the United States and an excellent mobile caterer for large-scale events. We believe that every one-of-a-kind guest deserves one-of-a-kind ice cream, and when you book this ice cream truck in New York, your guests will have the option between classic soft-serve to shakes and malts with unlimited customization possibilities. 

Take a bite out of this:  Vanilla Soft-Serve with Rainbow Sprinkles in a cone

Mister Softee ice cream


Bona Bona is known all over New York for its unique and flavorful combinations, made by hand with fresh ingredients. What makes Bona Bona one of the absolute best ice cream trucks in NYC is that it’s a unique cross between Italian Gelato and American style ice cream; taking elements from both approaches, Bona Bona has made a name for itself in NYC with a variety of flavors from creamy Peanut Butter Fudge to the rich Nutella S’mores and Roasted Pistachio. 

Take a bite out of this: Backyard Mint Chip

Bona Bona ice cream cup


When you work with the New York Food Truck Association, renting an ice cream truck for your party is made simple and easy. After browsing through our delicious members, you can learn more about the difference between food truck pricing and traditional catering costs, as well as easily gauge the cost of your event catering experience free of charge using our built-in event calculator

If you prefer to get on the phone and discuss your event details directly with our team, you can be connected to an event coordinator in no more than 24 hours when you fill out a short booking form


To book a top-tier ice cream truck in New York, all you have to do is reach out to our team, describe your event details to one of our experienced event coordinators, and last but not least, sit back, relax, and enjoy. The best part about working with NYFTA? We handle all the moving parts for you, start to finish.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team to book an ice cream truck caterer today!