Savvy Social Media Strategies for Successful Food Truck Marketing

Fueled by hungry customers who are “on-the-go,” food trucks have capitalized on their global popularity with savvy social media marketing strategies that are putting them at the center of the culinary culture scene. 

Having a food truck means being unshackled by the constraints of traditional “brick and mortar” establishments. But, in the “Digital Age” it takes more than having the best eats on wheels. The same savvy you bring to the kitchen also applies to the social media skills you need to successfully promote your food truck. 

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Not all social media platforms are cut from the same cloth, but many businesses assume they are interchangeable. Not so. Before you start “posting,” “tweeting,” and “liking” it helps to know which information to share and where to share it across the world’s top three platforms. 

With over two billion users, Facebook remains (comfortably) the most popular social media platform in the world. So, it goes without saying your business should definitely have a Facebook page. Think of Facebook as a “clubhouse” for your business where you can share photos, updates, and general information with your followers who are looking to find out “what’s happening” with your business.

Twitter, on the other hand, is meant to be concise and an easy way for followers to connect with you. Think of Twitter as a non-visual voice for your brand. With only 280 characters to spare, your content should be tempting enough to get your followers to stop scrolling and take notice. 

If you’re running a food truck, Instagram may be your new best friend. As the world’s second most popular social media platform (with nearly one billion active users), Instagram is the perfect place to showcase mouthwatering photos of your food truck’s culinary delights. Think of Instagram as the visual hub for providing followers with “insider” access to your business. From high-resolution photos of food, to short videos featuring your team, and behind-the-scenes tours of your “mobile kitchen,” Instagram is a powerful weapon in your social media arsenal to capture the attention of customers and draw them straight to your service window.



As with any creative field, “originality” in the culinary arts is one of the essentials to separating yourself from the rest of the pack. But, learning from the masters can also be part of the “secret sauce” to growing your business, and the same can be said with social media strategies for food truck marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

In an interview with, Eric Silverstein, owner of the Peached Tortilla food truck in Austin, TX. said it was studying the “dos”and “don’ts” of the best food trucks in the business that helped him create a winning long-term social media marketing strategy. 

Most food truck companies credit consistent (and compelling) communication as the key to finding social media marketing success. From keeping followers up-to-date on your business, new products and events, to responding quickly to customer questions and feedback, you can be in the driver’s seat of engaging with and exciting your customers to come back for more. 



It’s crucial to be able to convey the core message of your business to your customers in one sentence. By understanding “who you are,” you can create a distinct voice on social media. Followers expect authenticity and personality when interacting with accounts they follow on social media. As Eric Silverstein explains, “These people may follow us on Twitter, but they’re real people.”

According to, understanding the “Three Cs of Brand Voice” can help deliver the right message on social media:

  • Culture: What does your business stand for and what are the unique qualities that make it stand out from the competition?

  • Community: Listening to and cultivating relationships with people in your business’s community can help you understand “their language”and interact with them “on their terms.”

  • Conversation: Are you witty? Are you charming? Are you edgy? All three? Or “none of the above”? Injecting your voice on social media with personality gives your brand the opportunity to be a part of the conversation your followers are having, instead of letting it pass you by. 

When you understand “Three Cs of Brand Voice”, you can express uniformity when crafting posts and/or engaging on social media. Whether it be lively, energetic, cynical, or professional, humanizing your brand allows you to participate on social media sincerely and organically. 



Having a solid social media marketing strategy for your food truck can unlock doors beyond interacting with your customers. You now have a global platform to expand your business. From catering large-scale and corporate events, to partnering with other companies for branded promotions, social media marketing done right is an easy (and inexpensive) way to set your business apart.

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