Top Reasons You Need a Korean Food Truck For Your Event

If you’re one of the millions of K-Pop or K-Drama fans around the world, chances are you probably also follow your favorites on social media. But if you’re keeping tabs on Instagram, you may have noticed something peculiar: posing alongside Korean food trucks is quite popular. Why is that? 

Well, it’s not random. There’s a reason behind these posts that receive hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. Food trucks are a staple in South Korea. They’re so in-demand, fans of Korean celebrities will even gift them with customized food trucks. 

Food trucks and Korean cuisine go way back a long way. In fact, it’s one of the first cuisines that launched the food truck revolution in America. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you more about them and why they’re perfect for catering your event. So, let’s dig in and learn more about this culinary phenomenon.

Koji Korean BBQ Food Truck

Reason #1: Korean Food Trucks Elevated the Industry 

Food trucks are as American as apple pie, and their history is woven into the long lineage of street food. From 19th-century oyster carts in New York City to chuck-wagons serving tamales in San Antonio, they’ve been ubiquitous for centuries. 

But it wasn’t until 2008 that they rose the ranks to become as celebrated as the finest Michelin star restaurants. For that, credit Roy Choi and his famous Korean BBQ food truck Kogi. How did that happen? The South Korean-born chef took the old-school word-of-mouth approach and applied it to a new social media start-up: Twitter.

Showcasing his short ribs tacos and kimchi quesadillas, Choi updated followers on his truck’s daily locations, creating a sensation. With mouthwatering dishes and engagement on social media, Kogi launched a cultural food phenomenon.

Reason #2: Korean Food Trucks Are Fusion Pioneers

As exotic as Korean food is, it’s surprisingly versatile. For American palates, Korean staples like barbecue and fried chicken are relatable. Perhaps that’s why Korean food trucks have mastered the art of fusion cuisine. And that inclusivity allowed less adventurous diners to ease up and dig deeper. 

It’s a deceptively simple formula. Take a food Americans love— like tacos— and mix it up with Korean staples— like kimchi instead of salsa. Koreans didn’t invent fusion, but they were trailblazers in reimagining American cuisine through a new lens.

We all know picky eaters, which makes catering an event challenging. How do you satisfy everyone’s appetites? Korean food trucks are the solution! We mentioned Kogi, but head over to the East Coast, and you’ll find Kimchi Taco. 

Chef Phillip Lee’s love of Korean food sparked his imagination to make it accessible and memorable for a wider audience. By marrying Korean and Central American flavors, Kimchi Taco’s menu is diverse— and delicious.

Reason #3: Korean Food Is an Extension of Korean Culture

If you have a Gen Zer living with you, then you’ve heard of a little pop group called BTS. All kidding aside, Korean culture is having a moment, not just musically, but Korean movies and TV shows as well. Undoubtedly, that’s contributed to heightened interest in Korean cuisine, especially among younger diners. A component of what’s been coined by researchers as “The Korean Wave,”  fans aren’t just consuming Korean entertainment, but also food, language, and traditional Korean culture. 

Do a Google search for “K-Pop Birthday Party,” and thousands of results will appear. For the K-Pop “stan” in your life who may have an upcoming birthday, why not add some authentic Korean flavors? Trust us. Booking a Korean food truck means you can serve guests an eclectic menu that even Jimin and Jungkook will love.  

Reason #4: Korean Food Is Healthy

Korean food is popular for many reasons, not least because it offers exquisite flavors combined with fantastic health benefits. Countless studies show ingredients used in Korean cooking can decrease your cholesterol, increase your metabolism, improve digestion, and eliminate excess fat. 

Korean food puts a premium on vegetables like cabbage, bean sprouts, and spinach, full of macro and micronutrients. In contrast, red meat is used sparingly, as Koreans prefer leaner options like chicken and fish. Add to that cooking techniques like grilling and stir-frying, reducing the amount of saturated fat. 

Have a bridal shower coming up? But want to make sure you can fit into your dress come your big day? Rent a Korean food truck that’s equal parts delicious, unique, and will help you stick to that pre-wedding diet.

Book Your Next Culinary Adventure With a Korean Food Truck

Korean food trucks are ready to provide you with full-service catering for all your event needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a summer barbecue, add spice to an office lunch, or make your wedding reception special, Korean food trucks will help you celebrate. So, get ready to take a culinary adventure without leaving home by booking a Korean food truck!

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