Can Food Trucks Operate Indoors?

Absolutely. The New York Food Truck Association, or NYFTA, represents over 50 food trucks that operate indoors, delivering one-of-a-kind dining experiences in all kinds of venues.

From office buildings to sizable indoor party spaces, find out more about which food trucks and food carts can meet your venue needs below! 

Indoor Capability During The Winter

For reasons you might expect, food trucks that operate indoors are especially important during the winter months. When temperatures drop, it’s no surprise that most people won’t be thrilled by the idea of a party in 30-degree weather. 


However, just because your venue options are limited during the winter doesn’t mean the caterers you choose from have to be too! Thankfully, The New York Food Truck Association provides a solution, offering a whole slew of food carts and food trucks that operate indoors. 

Let’s take a look at 10 of your premier indoor food truck options. 

10 Food Trucks That Operate Indoors

1. Nuchas

Nuchas is one of New York City’s most highly regarded food trucks. From appearances on Shark Tank to the accumulation of awards like Rookie of the Year and People’s Taste Vendy Award, this empanada truck turns street food into a truly unforgettable, gourmet catering experience.

Following in the footsteps of so many successful chefs before, Ariel found his cooking inspiration from his rich cultural background; in his case, what came as a result were American-made but Argentenian-inspired empanadas beloved by New Yorkers.

The Nuchas truck makes an amazing caterer for reasons far greater than the fact that they can operate indoors; in fact, when it comes to large events, this is the perfect food truck because it can meet the culinary needs of all of your guests, with meat, vegetarian, vegan, and even sweet options. 

So, whether your guests are looking for traditional beef, or they want to try something as out-of-the-box as a miso ginger roasted korean pumpkin empanada, you can count on Nuchas to deliver.

Nuchas food cart.
Nuchas empanadas.
Nuchas food truck.

2. Poke Motion

Poké is a Hawaiian dish that, in the last few years, has become exceptionally popular all over the world. With so many poke restaurants popping up in New York City, Poke Motion continues to stand out as the one and only poke bowl food truck in the Northeast! 

So, not only is Poke Motion a food truck that operates indoors, but it’s also a mobile caterer that delivers an in-demand dish in a way that’s wholly unique and impressive. 

Enjoy Poke Motion’s fresh and colorful poke bowls by booking them to cater your next event! 

Poke Motion poke bowl.
Poke Motion food truck catering.

3. Sloppie Joe's

Can you ever go wrong with a juicy sloppy joe? Well, not when it’s made by the delicious Sloppie Joe’s food truck. This indoor food truck serves up both sweet and spicy joes, a childhood favorite that is sure to leave your guests nostalgic and satisfied! 

And, sloppy joes aren’t the only dish this food truck gets right. The mobile caterer also offers top-tier side dishes like jalapeño poppers, mac ‘n cheese bites, and veggie fries! 

So… what’s not to like? 

Sloppie Joes food truck catering.
Sloppie Joes food truck.
Sloppie Joes nachos.

4. Terry And Yaki

Terry and Yaki is the first and only halal Asian food cart in NYC that specializes in a unique custom teriyaki recipe. Using locally sourced ingredients, Terry and Yaki offers a delicious variety of teriyaki dishes that never lose their greatness.

After booking this food truck caterer, you give guests the opportunity to enjoy a tender chicken or steak served either on a bed of rice, crispy sweet potatoes drenched chipotle mayo or kale salad mixed with chickpeas, tomatoes, and lemon vinaigrette. 

Terry And Yaki food truck catering.
Terry and Yaki kebabs.
Terry and Yaki food truck.

5. Citizen Caravan

Citizen Caravan  works with the best coffee roasters and baristas to bring the unique coffee shop culture to the streets and to your event. 

Beyond the coffee house classics, Citizen Caravan offers delicious pastries and handcrafted cocktails, making the perfect addition to any event, from backyard parties to office lunches to wedding receptions!

Citizen Caravan indoor catering.
Citizen Caravan catering.
Citizen Caravan.

6. Angry Archie's

When you book Angry Archie’s food truck, you don’t need to wait until summer to enjoy delicious lobster rolls and crab cake sandwiches! 

Lucky for you, this food truck business operates indoor and year-round, so you can impress your guests with the best seafood New York has to offer wherever, and whenever, you’d like. 

The Angry Archie’s truck also offers chicken sandwiches, warm lobster mac & cheese, crab poutine, and clam chowder. 

Angry Archie's lobster roll.
Angry Archie's food truck.
Angry Archies poutine food truck catering.

7. Chip City

You’d be hard pressed to find a New Yorker whose mouth doesn’t water at the thought of a Chip City cookie. So, what better caterer to book at your next event than this crowd-favorite food truck?

A New York staple, Chip City is known for offering a wide range of ooey-gooey options, satisfying the sweet tooth of even the most adventurous eater. 

When you book with Chip City, your guests can go for the classic options like chocolate chip or cookies n’ cream or they can try something as out-of-the-box as a peanut butter and jelly inspired cookie! 

Thankfully, Chip City is one of the many food trucks that operates indoors and can be 100% relied on to deliver a catering experience people will talk about for years.

Chip City chocolate chip cookies.
Chip City cookies.
Chip City peanut butter jelly cookies.

8. Carvel

Carvel is another household name that doesn’t disappoint— especially as a mobile caterer. Because the Carvel food truck operates indoors, you can get their delicious ice cream flavors into people’s hands during any time of the year! 

Sometimes, a Carvel classic is all you need to put your guests in good spirits.

Carvel ice cream truck.
Carvel vanilla ice cream.

9. DiSO's

DiSO’S Italian Sandwich Society is an excellent Italian deli but even better… because it’s on wheels! This gourmet food truck serves the highest quality and authentic Italian sandwich catering in New York. 

Their extensive menu includes tons of imported Italian meats and cheeses that are all sourced from the famous DiPalos in Little Italy, which are all sliced to order making every sandwich as fresh as possible. 

Disos italian sandwich.
Disos italian food truck.
Italian sub.

10. King Souvlaki

Last but not least, we have King Souvlaki, one of the top-tier Greek restaurants in New York City.

From their famous hand-skewered souvlaki grilled over hardwood charcoal, to hand-stacked gyros and crisp golden fries topped with imported feta cheese, you can count on King Souvlaki for top quality Greek food.

Everything is prepared fresh using simple and pure ingredients, and with secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Find King Souvlaki “grilling fast and grilling good” on the streets of Astoria, Queens, or have them cater your next event.

King Souvlaki food truck catering.
King Souvlaki food truck catering.

Wrap Up

Catering is one of the most important aspects of any party; if there’s good food, any event can be successful. However, it’s not just about the delicious food itself that matters to guests, but rather, the dining experience at large. 

At The New York Food Truck Association, we believe there’s no better way to deliver a unique catering experience than by booking with mobile restaurants. Aside from the cost, convenience, and customization benefits of food truck catering, these unconventional, unique dining options leave lasting impressions on your guests, which is what throwing a good event is all about. 

If you’re interested in browsing through the 40+ more food trucks that operate indoors, take a deeper look into the rest of our amazing members.

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