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A super-snack with a dash of sophistication, Bel-Fries are an experience to savor and share epic fries and sauces, expertly prepared and served with true hospitality. Their Belgian Fries are thicker cut, twice fried, and seasoned, served in cones with an array of artisanal sauces made in-house, daily. Bel-Fries specialty sauces include Smoky Chipotle, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Honey Mustard, Sriracha Mayo, and our most famous Black Truffle Mayo! Bel-Fries is the new standard for fries, bringing the long-perfected Belgian frying traditions together with the iconic American spirit and modern standards. Their cones of trendy Belgian fries are truly the perfect snack for any occasion.


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Annalee Schlossberg is a 24-year-old entrepreneur who has dedicated her adult life to perfecting Belgian fries and artisanal sauces, bringing the popular Belgian street food to the streets of New York! She is a recent graduate of Cornell University where she studied hospitality from a culinary and business standpoint.


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