Greek Food Truck Rental in New York

The Greek food trucks of New York have an almost magical way of delivering all the fresh, clean flavors of an ancient Mediterranean cuisine directly to your sidewalk. From the rich warmth of grilled souvlaki herbs, to the creamy tang of homemade tzatziki, to the comforting texture of warm pita bread—Greek cuisine never goes out of style.

And the Greek food trucks that grace the streets of the tri-state area are some of the best. Whether you need a quick, healthy lunch or a Mediterranean flair for your next event, don’t miss these food trucks!

Top 3 Best Greek Food Trucks in NYC

From imported ingredients, to secret family recipes, to portion sizes that any yia-yia would be proud of, New York’s top Greek food trucks have it all.

King Souvlaki: Generation of Greek Food Trucking

King Souvlaki, owned and operated by the Tsampas family, has been serving Greek street food since 1979, and they use the same secret family recipes that they’ve been cooking for generations. Imported feta cheese adorns souvlaki grilled over hardwood charcoal, and everything is made with the freshest ingredients.

Take a bite out of this: The Chicken Hero

The King Souvlaki Chicken Hero is a double portion of slow-roasted, hand-stacked chicken gyro, on a lightly grilled sandwich. Stack it up with your favorite toppings, from Greek feta and tzatziki, to red onion, tomato, King sauce, and more.

Souvlaki GR: The Food Truck from Mykonos

Discover for yourself how the flavors of one man’s childhood became an award-winning food truck and two brick and mortar locations in the heart of NYC. Fresh, high-quality ingredients and family recipes handed down for generations bring the experience of Mykonos directly to you.

Take a bit out of this: Traditional Greek Salad

The bright, bold flavors of a Greek salad get dialed way up in the Souvlaki GR Traditional Greek Salad. Fresh vine-ripened tomatoes pair with the earthy richness of olive and oregano, sweet English cucumber and red onion balance a slight tang of vinegar, and creamy feta cheese makes the whole dish perfection.

Uncle Gussy’s: The Food Truck for Quality and Quantity

It has been 50 years since a New York City food cart started introducing the family’s traditional Greek recipes. Today,Uncle Gussy’s is known for their homemade tzatziki sauce, imported Greek ingredients, and large portion sizes.

Take a bit out of this: The Hercules

It’s all of your favorite Greek flavors in a box lunch: warm saffron rice, a side portion of classic Greek salad, pita bread, seasoned fries, and your choice of protein. Uncle Gussy’s is serious about those portion sizes.

Greek Food Trucks are the Ultimate Crowd-Pleaser

Greek cuisine has something for everyone and the Greek food trucks of New York do it all. Meat lovers get a treat in Mediterranean spiced chicken and pork, but there are plenty of vegetarian options as well. There are dishes for gluten-free diets, and skipping the feta provides a lot of delicious vegan choices. Whether you’re planning an event or just need a quick, healthy lunch, you can’t go wrong with Greek food trucks.