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Let’s cut to the chase: there’s nothing better than NYC pizza— and that means there’s nothing better than the NYC pizza truck. For more than three decades, chef-and-owner Eddie alongside his right-hand man and brother Antony have been whipping up some of the best pies this city has ever tasted.  Along with classic dishes, it’s impossible to ignore the NYC Pizza Truck’s ability to develop and serve up the more creative styles that we all crave when we’ve reached our limit on plain cheese. That being said, even their marinara pie has a special something that separates it from the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Visit, book, and enjoy a taste of New York. 

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Having been in the industry for 11 years now, Eddie is considered a true expert in all things food trucks. During his long career, he’s been able to gain a background in serving all kinds of cuisines for all different types of occasions, from soft-serve ice cream on a hot summer day to seafood at sunset. But, being the proud, authentic New Yorker he is, Eddie always dreamed of owning and running his very own pizza truck— now, that dream is a reality. Eddie spends his days serving up New York’s staple dish from the pizza truck he has always longed for, and New Yorkers everywhere couldn’t be more thrilled. 


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