Sandwich Food Truck Rental in New York

Famed American chef James Beard said that too few people understand a really good sandwich. Thankfully, many of our esteemed members are owners of the best sandwich food trucks in New York. Between two slices of fresh bread are any number of grilled delights and melted cheeses. The cultural influences are many, including Asian and Italian, but the spot-on taste of these handheld meals is singular. Meatball or mushroom, soft buns, or toasted bread, slow cooked or deep fried — the simple sandwich can be so much more at your next event.

Sandwich Food Truck Featured Dishes

The chefs of New York City’s sandwich food trucks are taking the sammy to new heights. Here are some to try:

  • Paninis with Focaccia and Italian imported meats and cheeses
  • Asian fusion grinders with your choice of fillings + sriracha-mayo
  • Inventive grilled cheese sandwiches (think Triple-Cream Brie)
  • Slow cooked pulled pork or crispy chicken sandwiches

Cento Percento: Florence Inspired Italian Sandwiches Fresh and Fast

Cento Percento bills itself as the Italian sandwich shop on wheels you’ve been waiting for. With a goal to recreate the Tuscan “Panino,” owners Nik and Ming pride themselves on their freshly made focaccia, and high-quality Italian imported meats and cheeses. Combos include “From Florence With Love” (Tuscan ham, truffle cream, arugula, olive oil), “The Mutha Fata” (mortadella, mixed olive spread, provolone, spicy vinegar), and the cheekily named “Balls of Fury” with Florentine beef meatballs, truffle cream, mozzarella, and basil. Although they do paninis to perfection, the sandwich food truck also has pasta, salads, sides, and pastries on the menu.

Take a bite out of this: The Spicy Pig

This “panino” features Tuscan ham and nduja, which for the uninitiated is a spicy, spreadable pork sausage from southern Italy. Tomato jam, arugula, and olive oil finish it off with a scrumptious flourish. The Pig is one of the sandwich food truck’s big sellers, for good reason.

Big D’s Grub: Asian-Fusion Grinders (and More) On The Go

Big D’s Grub sandwich food truck does a lot, and it does it well – including a tasty variety of grinders and sandwiches like the Beef Burger, the Pulled Chickenwich, and the Viva Veggie Burger. The sandwich food truck’s Asian-fusion menu is the invention of owner Dennis, whose family gatherings growing up included plenty of dishes inspired by Asian-South American flavors and spices. Ordering is easy, as you can mix and match your own tacos, grinders, and rice platters with your choice of meat and veggies, plus a dollop of Big D’s famous fiery sriracha-mayo.

Take a bit out of this: Pulled Porkwich

The hickory-smoked pulled pork sandwich is slow cooked for 18 hours for maximum tenderness. Then it’s topped with Big D’s homemade purple cabbage slaw. As with all the sandwich food truck’s grinders, the bread is warm and toasty, fresh off the grill.

Gorilla Cheese NYC: Comfort Food Quick and Cheesy

There is no better comfort food than a grilled cheese sandwich and as the Gorilla Cheese sandwich food truck says – it’s easy being cheesy for them. Their sandwich is also a huge step up from a basic grilled cheese with fresh-baked bread, a selection of local and imported cheeses ranging from American to Asiago, and quality meats.

If you are going for maximum cheese, there may be no more pleasing option than the Triple-Cream Brie Melt, with strawberry jam and top-quality prosciutto. Dipping sauces like Ginger and Sweet Thai Chili only add to the experience. The sandwich food truck also serves tempting extras like tater tots, mac & cheese bites, and tomato soup shooters.

Take a bit out of this: The American Bacon Melt

Simple ingredients, mouthwatering flavor. Start with some killer crumbled bacon and add American cheese. Grill + melt = slice of heaven. This one just calls for a side of tomato soup.

Empire BBQ: The Barbecue That Comes to You 

This sandwich food truck covers all the barbecue bases. Tender smoked beef brisket? Check. Fall-off-the-bone-stick-to-your-fingers ribs? Yep. Fiery pulled pork? Affirmative. And let us not forget their signature crispy chicken sandwich with deep fried chicken thighs marinated in buttermilk.

Established in 2018, Empire BBQ has quite the foodie pedigree. Chef Vincent Mangual is a 20-year professional cook who has catered with Whole Foods and Dean and Deluca. Owen de la Rosa sources the premium meats and has the production down pat. Low ‘n slow is how the sandwich food truck cooks it, but you don’t have to wait for this full-flavored BBQ.

Take a bit out of this: Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Meat is not all that Empire BBQ does. Consider the Portobello Mushroom sandwich. Grilled to perfection and served with caramelized onions and peppers, this Sammy just might just make you a lunchtime vegetarian.

The Always Satisfying Sandwich is the Right Filling for Your Next Event

Sandwiches are tasty, hardy and an ideal choice to feed a hungry crowd, especially if libations are also planned. The gourmet, ready-to-go creations of New York’s sandwich food trucks will make the menu a memorable one. See how they can fill your event with flavor and fun.