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StrEat Kings gourmet food truck started in the Spring of 2020 by Chef’s Chris and Mike. The talented chef duo created StrEat Kings to pay homage to their hometown of New York City, their industry, and the culinary experiences that made them who they are today. Chef’s built their dream kitchen and dream restaurant and then made it mobile. They brought a professional kitchen and style of cooking to the streets and transformed traditional New York favorites from different cultures and communities into one tasty menu. The New York food truck offers local sandwich staples like chopped cheeses, gyros, and bacon egg and cheese – but elevated to gourmet menu items by using ingredients like gochujang and confit pork. Honoring the food and the streets of New York, their dream goes beyond just a gourmet food truck, their dream is to Feed the Empire. Book StrEat Kings to cater your next private event and feed your empire. 

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Raised in the Bronx, Chef Chris Liz developed his love of food and cooking alongside his Dominican mother. Starting as a dishwasher in Brooklyn and around the city, Chef Chris landed a cook position at Amali, where he shared the line with Chef Mike. From Long Island, Chef Mike DeVito’s first job out of culinary school was garde manger alongside Chef Chris. After 5 years of working together, they both decided to take the next steps in their careers and parted ways. Chef’s Chris and Mike then reunited, in support of each other and their industry. They worked side by side in the kitchen at Queen’s Room, in Astoria, during the pandemic.  Sharing the line once again, they were able to feed off of each other to organize, stay patient, and adapt to changes and stresses the industry endured. With Queen’s Room as a foundation, and their unwavering dreams, Chef’s embraced their reignited passion for creating and working together and from there, their gourmet food truck, StrEat Kings, was born.


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