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Yumbro Food Truck is an Asian-fusion truck featuring primarily Filipino cuisine with a touch of Hawaiian. Their mission is to serve fresh and satisfying meals on wheels that drive hunger away. Yumbro food truck was created through the vision of its owners to provide delectable food even with the constraints of space and time.

Though its food is not prepared in the comfort of a restaurant, Yumbro Food Truck prides itself with its freshness and original ingredients from the skillful hands of our master chef, Bryan. Some fan favorites are the Hawaiian Inspired Chicken or Pork Barbecue, and the juicy Chicken Burger.

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Meet Kate, Bryan, and Aris

Yumbro is a venture with three passionate owners who work together to craft irresistible, mouthwatering meals that cater to diverse cravings.

Kate, a dedicated nurse, specializes in caring for elderly patients. Her experiences at work inspired her to create universally enjoyable food, irrespective of one’s health. As a co-owner and chef, Bryan draws inspiration from his mother’s childhood recipes, aspiring to offer delectable dishes with a wide range of flavors. Aris, the third owner, is an adventurous soul who relishes exploring new cuisines and aims to bring excitement to customers by introducing fresh, palate-pleasing flavors.

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