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Big Mozz was founded in 2015 with the mission to create the best party food ever, served at the most exciting events. Each order of signature Mozz Sticks are made with half a pound of locally-sourced whole milk mozzarella, and honest, fresh ingredients. You can always count on Big Mozz for a mouthwatering and photo-friendly cheese pull. Since opening, the Big Mozz food truck has served millions of customers the comfort food they’re craving at venues like Smorgasburg to Madison Square Garden, and now you can book Big Mozz to cater your next private event. 

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As a college athlete with an English degree, the last thing Matt Gallirra expected was a career in the food industry specializing in mozzarella cheese. But in 2014, as Matt watched a chef make fresh mozzarella, he became instantly hooked and inspired. He immediately began working at A&S Pork Store in Little Falls, NJ to learn all about fresh mozz. Just a year later in 2015, Big Mozz was born and took off like a rocket, landing a spot at New York’s famous Smorgasburg food festival. Matt loves the versatility of mozzarella, cheese pulls, and hanging out at local dairy farms and meeting the cows. 

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