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Public Health sanitary inspection grade of an A.
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We can’t yet put our finger on what makes El Toro Rojo some of the best tasting Mexican food on wheels. Their taco food truck features dishes that are seemingly simple: think tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos with a side of guac. Yet, each bite is deceivingly packed with a flavorful punch that leaves you craving the next one. From their seasoning, to homemade marinade and salsas, to imported dried chillies from Mexico, you can always count on El Toro Rojo for consistent quality, freshness and authentic Mexican cuisine from one of New York’s best taco food trucks.

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Inspired by the movie Chef, which tells the story of a father and son who open up a taco food truck that offer quality, artistic dishes on their own terms, Dennis Apreza joined forces with his father Gabriel and his sister Jocelyn to do the same. Together, they turned their passion for cooking into a family business, recreating the authentic Oaxacan flavor they grew up with and sharing it with everyone in NYC. Dennis and Jocelyn followed in their father’s footsteps, learning how to cook under his wing as they used their mother’s old recipes from her hometown. El Toro Rojo is more than just a food truck serving Mexican cuisine; it’s a family affair with a deep connection to familial roots, delicious in its own way.


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