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You’d feel awful if you didn’t serve your guests Moshe’s Falafel! Cooking up the best falafel in New York City since 1981, this kosher food truck comes with a pretty simple menu featuring their best asset, traditional falafel. Their falafel is crispy on the outside, but moist and flavorful on the inside. These famous chickpea balls are served in a pita sandwich, a tossed salad, with a hummus plate, or on their own with tahini and hot sauce. Other menu items include daily made soup, couscous platter, and it wouldn’t be a New York food truck without french fries. Book Moshe’s Falafel food truck now to cater your next event!

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Moshe was born in Kibbutz Galuyot in Israel. A member of a family that lived in Aleppo and immigrated to Israel. His family’s Middle Eastern culture and his life influenced his attitude towards food. Simplicity and good taste of the past flowed through his veins. In 1981 he decided to try his luck in the big city of New York. He bought his first food cart and started selling falafel on 46th Street in the Diamantaires area of ​​New York. Moshe’s Falafel is now the legend of street food in New York.