That’s Amore! Why Pizza Food Truck Catering is the Perfect Match For Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are centered around exchanging vows with the love of your life but, what’s supposed to be your big day is, perhaps, more so about the guest experience. After all, every bride and groom aims for their wedding to be remembered. 

But fear not, because the food you serve is the best way to ensure a memorable event. Sure, you could go the traditional route of an elaborate buffet (complete with those stuffy carving stations), but why not try something new? Something homemade, handmade, and not sitting under one of those blinding heating lamps? 

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a slice of pizza. And with New York serving as the pizza capital this side of Italy, there are plenty of pizza food trucks offering classic and creative New York-style pizzas that’ll give you a delicious reason to say “I do!”

Pizza Food Truck Wedding


Are you a pizza connoisseur who craves an authentic Margherita? Or, feeling adventurous for a bacon, egg, and cheese pizza with an everything bagel crust, a spin on the famous New York breakfast staple? 

Abeetz, named the “Best Food Truck in Westchester” by Westchester Magazine, brings authentic wood-fired, thin-crust pizza to the streets of New York using a gold-tiled brick oven imported straight from Italy. 

Founder and Westchester native David D’Amico’s passion for pizza led him to spend years traveling the world to find out what it takes to create the perfect pie. And thus Abeetz’s pizza truck was born, named after the way his native Italian grandparents pronounced the word ‘pizza.’ Specializing in weddings and other catered private events, Abeetz brings the party straight to you!

Pizza Vita Pizza Food Truck Catering
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Inspired by traditional trattorias of Naples, Pizza Vita set out to perfect simple, yet delicious cuisine when they opened their windows in 2011. 

Led by chef Adele DiBiase (known as one of the first “Pizziolas” working in the U.S.) and Ernesto Santorelli, Pizza Vita takes pride in their Italian wood-burning oven that stays scorching hot at a continuous 900 degrees. That’s why they’re able to cook personal pies in their pizza food truck in just 90 seconds! 

Plus, they’re serving more than pizzas with Italian fare like, delicious plates of pasta, fresh salads, and even homemade gelato. So, upgrade your wedding reception with true Neapolitan pizza that’s hot and fresh right out of the oven from Pizza Vita. Because “not all pizza is created equal.”

Groundlings Pizza Food Truck Catering


Looking for a slice that’s known as one of the best in New York? While that might be a bold statement to make, Groundling Pizza Co. delivers the goods. 

Twin brothers, Danny and Luke Bruckert have got wood-fired pizza down to a science. And it all starts with the fermentation process of the dough. But, luckily you won’t need a Ph.D. to understand the language of pizza once you’ve had a taste of their pizza. With classics like the “Mighe-Lon” and “Re-Gu-Lah” to artisan creations like the “Milk and Honey” and “Trouble,” Groundling Pizza Co. uses only quality, local ingredients baked on top of a perfectly-crisped crust.  

With a pizza food truck constructed from the wheels up and transported on the ultimate road trip from Portland to New York, Groundling Pizza Co. is committed to giving your guests a delicious experience on your wedding day.

Pizza Vitale Pizza Food Truck


Pizza Vitale’s “little silver box on wheels” holds a special surprise inside: some of the finest authentic Neapolitan-style pizza you’ll find in New York. Which makes sense, since chef Francesco Vitale was born and raised in Naples, Italy. After 30 years of experience around the world crafting old-world style pies, Vitale decided to open his own pizza food truck.

Putting a premium on quality ingredients you have to taste to believe, he uses Caputo 00 flour imported directly from Napoli, which gives Pizza Vitali’s signature crust it’s distinctive, chewy bite. Whether classic creations like Pepperoni and Margherita or unique pies like “Diavola,” featuring spicy pork Soppressata and chopped Calabreses chilis,  Pizza Vitale will be the star of your wedding, after you of course! So, don’t wait, and make sure to book them for your upcoming nuptials.


Food truck catering for your wedding is not only an exciting and fun way to surprise your guests and make the day extra special, but it’s also cost-effective and can help make your event COVID-safe (with built-in social distancing in an outdoor setting).

Whether receptions, bridal showers, engagement parties, or post-wedding brunches, pizza food truck catering is waiting for you to get moving with a memorable and delicious wedding experience.

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